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The top ten song artists of were: OK was recorded in on Feb. These results should be treated with some caution since, with few exceptions, they are based on fairly subjective charts and biased towards the USA. Subscribe today and watch retro XXX videos of s now! The first permanent waves appear in

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Between and there are few available charts (at least that we can find). These results should be treated with some caution since, with few exceptions, they are based on fairly subjective charts and biased towards the USA.

The original source had this name and title. Your suggestion makes more sense so we've made the change, thanks. Type "Dreams" into the search box, or try looking up "Dream" in the index pages? I know you have been asked this before but Isn't there any way you wouldconsider expanding your Yearly Lists of Songs?

For example - from 50 or 60 to From - from 80 to I know you have those expanded Excel files but it's not the same as seeing them chronologically. We have always been wary of making the earlier years too long, if you want longer lists it is easy for us to change the limits. Of course the significance of songs lower down the list is questionable since they normally come from just a single chart but given that you are aware of that we will expand the lists.

We've changed the limits to the top 75 songs before and top after that. We realise this is not quite correct but it should help when searchng for related songs.

Hi, i'm doing a project for school on songs from the s and need some help I listened to all of these and I need something with more jazz can you help me please!

You could look at the listings for individual years as well, that would give you more candidates. A lady i know is just turning next week, she sang me this song but acouldn't make out the words, can you help? There are also similar issues to Paul whiteman's ranking on this page compared to the actual year pages.

Different versions of the input data and a range of ways of calculating. This is a different band than the one listed as 23 in That band was led by Bill Pike. A new passion for sports ushered in a new era of smaller, tighter sportswear. Finally, high-fashion designs were making their way to the average woman in the form of ready-to-wear clothes. The style that was seen in the magazines was being seen in middle class neighborhoods. Padded shoulders were even more pronounced in Women still loved gloves and silver fox broadtail.

This look is accomplished with square shoulders, low heels, plumed hats and gauntlet gloves. Even Shiaparelli designed suits with a tidy look in his drummer-boy jackets. Evening wear was much different. Women enjoyed an international flair, with Greek and Indian-inspired dresses with heavy jewelry and breathtaking prints.

Hair was brushed to the top of the head in a mass of curls and makeup emphasized bone structure in a bold way. Bra cup sizes A-D were introduced in In , women loved wearing a plum or dark green wool tailored dress with long, tight sleeves and slightly bloused bodice. The dress gently flared at mid-calf, has side pleats and is worn with a wide leather belt. For the evening, the black silk crepe with white silk over-jacket was a fashionable choice.

Another slick outfit was the shiny, brown satin and matching jacket and feather-trimmed sleeves. Formal wear ranged from short dresses in bright colors to gold frocks with pressed pleats and short jackets.

Ferragamo designed the first evening wedge shoe in gold kid and red satin, but ankle boots of embroidered velvet are also worn. In , the hourglass silhouette, with padded shoulders and small waist gave way to a more tubular, natural shape. Evening lengths remained long and in wool, jewels remained bulky and immense. New fashion items include bulky blue fox and silk jersey.

Veils on hats make a return. In makeup, Christian Berard introduces cyclamen rouge and deep blue lashes for blondes; and brown suntan rouge and pomegranate lips for brunettes. For men, there were a few developments. In the spring and summer, men wore a single-breasted suit with patch pockets and panama hat. In the fall, he wore a double-breasted dark blue suit with wide-cuffed, double-pleated, high-waisted trousers.

He also might have worn a vertical stripe suit, in tow tones with windowpane checks in cotton, wool, nylon and silk. A special elegance marked fashion in The popular look was the pencil-thin silhouette with black outfit, skunk jacket, hair piled on top of the head, extravagant hat and enormous artificial jewelry.

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