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Um sich jedoch der internationalen Auslegung anzugleichen, hat das japanische Patentamt JPA vor Kurzem seine Regeln in Bezug auf die Wiederherstellung der geistigen Eigentumsrechte überarbeitet und die Anforderungen geändert, um die Konditionen für Antragsteller und Eigentümer zu verbessern. The field mouse inhabits a wide range of habitats including grasslands and marshes, pastures and gardens, and urban areas. Dennemeyer set up their first overseas office in Stockport, UK in and established a team which handled the first computer-based patent annuity payments in the world.


The question to ask is: This article first appeared in the IAM Yearbook: To view the guide in full, please go to www. When looking for safe and effective means to reduce costs for obtaining patent rights in Europe, applicants should consider the following aspects: Generally, it takes about six to nine months after filing date and completion of all formalities to receive a Search Report prepared by the EPO on behalf of the Luxembourgish Patent Office.

To make use of the refund option, the Search Report must be available when filing a subsequent application, no later than 12 months from the underlying priority date. Note that the Luxembourgish patent application does not necessarily need to be the priority application of the future patent family. It can of course be filed shortly after any legally required under some national patent laws, e. There are only few formalities to be fulfilled to bring a patent application validly on file in Luxembourg.

Necessary fees need to be paid and translations are to be filed, if needed. For filing, neither a Power of Attorney nor an assignment or any notarized documents are required. As Luxembourg does not provide for a substantive examination, a patent certificate is automatically issued after about 18 months as of the filing date. Most importantly, Luxembourg accepts any of the official languages of the European Patent Office English, French and German as drafting language of a Luxembourgish patent application, with the formal requirement that the claims shall be available in German or French.

Consequently, even a computer-based German or French translation could be filed to fulfil the formal requirement. The translated claims need to be filed at latest one month after the filing date. Obviously, it should be kept in mind that a right based on computer translated claims is not useful for litigation purposes. Finally, no claim fees are applicable in Luxembourg. The EPO will search any amount of claims filed under the Luxembourg regime without additional fees.

For subsequent filings claiming the priority of a Luxembourgish patent application a priority document is often needed. This is available free of charge and can be requested during the filing step simply by filing an additional copy of the application documents. The priority document is usually delivered in about two weeks. For prosecuting a patent application in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a local representative needs to be appointed for applicants having their domicile or headquarters outside Europe.

In case of lack of unity, divisional applications need to be filed. Payment of additional search fees to achieve EPO Search Report s for the additional invention s is not possible. We strongly advise applicants to file separate Luxembourgish patent applications directed to the individual inventions from the outset, in case concerns related to lack of unity. Given the availability of the EPO Search Report through the Luxembourgish patent application, two routes for search fee refunds exist.

For a maximum refund, both routes require the claims of the subsequent application compared to the Luxembourgish priority application to be substantially unchanged or only incorporating subject matter of a previously filed dependent claim.

According to our experience, the refund will happen in about 14 to 16 months after the priority date. Upon filing a local patent application with the EPO, the priority of the Luxembourgish application needs to be claimed.

The necessary official fees, including the European Search fee, have to be paid first. Upon filing a PCT application with the competent receiving office, the priority of the Luxembourgish application needs to be claimed.

The necessary official fees, including the International Search fee, have to be paid first. No refund request is required. Unless taken from dependent claims, amendments should be incorporated only into the description of the subsequent application rather than into the claims, in order to safely benefit from the maximum refund of the Search fee.

However, they are, at times, used incorrectly and trademark owners may not be aware that misuse can have significant consequences. For the countries where the use of the symbols is not mandatory, companies should take into consideration that this could have dissuasive influence on third parties, as a warning that the owner of the trademark will defend against unauthorized use.

As the rules may vary from country to country, we aim to provide an overview of the characteristics of specific countries, as well as some details and advice about the proper use of these symbols and how to avoid potential problems. It is usually placed on the right-hand side of the trademark, superscripted, and in a smaller type size than the mark itself. The purpose of this white paper is to introduce the different types of trademark maintenance actions and their terms of protection in order to provide an overview of when, where and how they need to be filed.

When talking about maintaining a trademark right, most people immediately think of a renewal. However, maintaining a trademark may also consist of other actions beside a renewal that need to be taken in order to keep a trademark alive.

There are actually five types of maintenance:. The renewal per se consists of filing an application with the respective Trademark Office in the form of a document that needs to show the relevant trademark and owner data.

Such renewal applications have to be filed in all countries except in Eritrea, Comoro Islands, Maldives, Myanmar, Palau, Nauru and East Timor, where cautionary notices have to be filed.

Cautionary Notices are advertisements in local newspapers by which the trademark owners state that they own the mark and that no third party may therefore use a similar or identical mark. These notices are subsequently filed with the TM Office which, if a trademark law exists, issues a renewal certificate. If not, the outside counsel will provide a cutting of the advertisement only.

This is also true if i the patent claim is drafted as a product-by-process claim and ii the claimed plant can only be produced in an essentially biological process; see Catchword 2. What is however additionally interesting to note is that the Enlarged Board indirectly encourages applicants to file patent applications for plants, which are obtained in essentially biological processes, with the European Patent Office.

Accordingly, applicants who intend to obtain a patent for such plants learn that the best way of doing so is by prosecuting their patent applications at the European Patent Office.

Another lesson learned is that the Enlarged Board seems to interpret the scope of protection of a product-by-process claim in a broad manner. The Enlarged Board actually states:. It is seen from c that the Enlarged Board does not limit the scope of protection of a product-by-process only to products which are obtained by the process steps described in that claim. This seems to be different to at least some national civil courts in Europe which hear patent infringement cases.

Namely, according to Article 24 1 c of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court, one source of law for procedures before that Court shall be the European Patent Convention. This source of law might well include the case law under the European Patent Convention, including the case law of the Boards of Appeal and especially of the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office. Italy is certainly well-known for its cultural heritage spanning more than two thousand years.

The latter, a wonderful expression of the eternal Italian creative spirit and its natural sense for beauty, has long been a subject for different types of legal protection. Dating back to , the Italian legal and doctrinarian system has since undergone many, often fast and radical changes. Some of these changes are due to the fact that Italy is member of the EU.

We refer, in particular, to the respective EU Directives in rem which came into force over the last 15 years. Now, the law allows for a full cumulative protection under all the aforesaid intellectual property rights provided, of course, that each of their single requirements is met in every specific case. Although a digression into the vivid legislative past would definitely be worth a longer sojourn, the current observations will rather focus on the actual aspects of gaining exclusive rights on designs understood as visible outward forms or patterns in Italy and the European Union.

As a general rule, an applicant is free to draft a patent claim in any desired claim language; the same is true for the accompanying description. However, when an invention manifests in particular parameters and the invention shall be protected by a European patent granted under the European Patent Convention, some particular issues may arise.

Five of these issues are discussed in this paper. Contrary to Hamlet, we must ask not only one question in this context, but several. Although a product may be defined in a claim in various ways, the Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office hereinafter: In this context, parameters are considered to be characteristic values, which may be values of directly measurable properties or may be defined as more or less complicated mathematical combinations of several variables in the form of formulae.

However, according to the Guidelines, such a characterization by parameters is in principle only allowable in those cases where the invention cannot be adequately defined in any other way. Additionally, it is required that the parameters can be clearly and reliably determined either by indications in the description or by objective procedures, which are usual in the art.

Given that the definition of the invention should appear completely in the claim itself whenever reasonably practicable, and given that the method of measurement is necessary for the unambiguous definition of the parameter, the method should be mentioned in the claim. There are only three exceptions to the general rule that the method of and means for measurement of the parameter must be included in the claim, namely:.

In all other cases the method of and means for measurement should be included in the claims, as the claims define the matter for which protection is sought. In contrast, cases in which unusual parameters are employed or a non-accessible apparatus for measuring the parameter s is used are prima facie objectionable on grounds of lack of clarity, as no meaningful comparison with the prior art can be made.

Maintenance fees, sometimes referred to as renewal fees or annuity fees, for patent rights have to be paid annually in most countries. The differences from one country to the other are the starting point of the first payment and the amount of the maintenance fees. A few countries provide reductions on fees if you are an individual or your company has a small entity status.

But what can you do if you are a large entity? Basically not much — besides reducing the number of your patents. There is, however, one legal institute that is available to any entity irrespective of its size and nature that requires at first and foremost the willingness to grant a licence on your patent right.

The owner of a patent can apply to the Intellectual Property Office to have the patent endorsed for licence of right L. This application by the patentee is a declaration of willingness to grant a licence to anyone. The endorsement acts as an invitation to third parties to apply for a licence. Unfortunately, not many countries provide for licence of right. The European Patent Convention does not provide for L. There are approximately 20 countries which have this option.

Among them are some important patent filing jurisdictions:. Since provisions of L. It can be filed at any time after grant of the patent or while the patent application is pending. That means that the patentee must grant a licence to anyone who wants one. The endorsement is registered and published. As long as an exclusive licence is registered under the patent the declaration is not possible. Renewal fees falling due after the L.

Other countries — besides the above four - who grant a fee reduction for L. The United Kingdom requires additionally that any opposition to the cancellation has been dealt with. This paper deals with preliminary injunctions PIs based on patents with a view towards European procedures. Also discussed are precautionary measures that a potential defendant in PI proceedings may take in order to avoid an injunction.

A patent proprietor who identifies an act infringing one or more of his patents, may have an interest that the infringement is stopped immediately. Such a patent proprietor will therefore seek immediate injunctive relief. The injunctive relief may be permanent, but permanent injunctive relief is typically only granted after lengthy court proceedings on the merits of a case.

In contrast, courts may, upon application by the patent proprietor, order injunctive relief in the form of a provisional measure. In the European Union, provisional measures are mandatorily available in all member states. Provisional measures are regularly granted in preliminary injunction procedures.

There are two procedural possibilities, i. Naturally, when a defendant is injuncted and has to stop the act in question immediately, this may constitute a significant threat to his business. Some recommendations are given below. The purpose of this white paper is to introduce some points to keep in mind before and after filing an application in Japan. We will address the following matters: As we all know, we have heard of the common types of trademarks used today such as word or device trademarks.

Further, we know the widely discussed 3D trademarks, e. However, in the European Union most people have not heard of collective or certification trademarks, or are unsure of what to make of such trademarks. The proprietor of a Community collective trademark can therefore only be an association of manufacturers, producers, suppliers of services, or traders and legal persons governed by public law.

The special advantage of the collective trademark is the possibility of being an indication to designate the geographical origin of the goods and services. This is in contrast to the regular, individual trademark which prevents an indication to a geographical origin, since this would be held as being descriptive. The white paper is available as a PDF. Whether justified or not — that remains to be seen — there are concerns that the enforcement of unitary patents will be far slower, more expensive and more unpredictable than has been the case with patents in Germany up to now.

Some sceptics are already advising their clients to avoid European patents and revert to national filings. Whether or not this makes sense will be briefly clarified here. Is it really advisable to file nationally again within Europe? After all, the objective of this approach is to keep the German or other national infringement courts for litigation.

Once a European patent has been granted, the validity of the unitary patent can be requested for all states of the EU that have ratified the UPC up to that point, meaning those for which the UPC agreement and the EU regulation [1] are in effect. This request must be submitted to the EPO - together with a translation [2] , at least for the time being - within one month following the mention of grant Art.

But that is only an option. You will do this anyway if you only want protection for a few countries, since the unitary patent will only pay off if there are four or five countries or more, the exact number of countries depends on the office fees, which are still under discussion. That is precisely what makes up the compulsory nature of the new court system.

However, it is possible to choose to opt out under Art. You can declare before the Registry of the court that you wish to stay with the old court system. And this can be done up to one month prior to the end of the transitional period pursuant to Art. And you can even declare this opt-out for European patent applications Art.

This means you can still file an application! This webinar looks at the current state of the trademark renewal industry and its implications. What can you do to protect your company's bottom line? What does future of trademarks hold in 5, 10, even 15 years?

The introduction of the European patent with unitary effect also known as the unitary patent enables patent holders to protect their inventions in 25 member states by filing a single patent application at the European Patent Office.

The procedure up to granting of the unitary patent remains the same as for regular European patents without unitary effect. After the patent is granted, there will be no need to validate it one by one in each country, making the whole procedure simpler and much less expensive. Inventors will no longer have to comply with complex validation requirements that vary by jurisdiction, and most importantly, the introduction of the unitary patent will substantially lower translation costs in the participating Member States.

Anybody, regardless of the country of origin, can opt for a unitary patent. Applications for European patents can be filed in any language. However, if the application was not filed in English, German or French, a translation into one of the official languages of the EPO needs to be provided. This becomes the language in which the proceedings are conducted and in which the patent is granted. Also, before grant, translations of the claims into two other official languages other than the language of the proceedings have to be filed.

This language regime remains the same for the unitary patent. During a transitional period ranging from 6 to 12 years sooner if the European Council decides that high quality machine translations into all official languages of the Union are available on-line and free of charge, and terminates the transitional period unitary patents that were granted in French or German will need to be translated into English and the ones granted in English will have to be translated to another official language of the European Union.

It is important to stress that in this phase a translation to another official language of the Union has no legal effect and is for information purposes only. Importance of choosing another official language of the Union comes only in the later stage in case of proceedings before the UPC. In the event of a dispute relating to an alleged infringement of a unitary patent, the patent proprietor shall provide, at the request and the choice of an alleged infringer, a full translation of the unitary patent into an official language of either the participating Member State in which the alleged infringement took place or in which the alleged infringer is domiciled.

In the event of a dispute related to a unitary patent, the patent proprietor shall provide, at the request of a competent court in the participating Member States, a full translation of the patent into the language used in the proceedings. Warum ist ein aktives Währungsmanagement wichtig für Ihre Firma? Wie hoch ist das Potential für nachhaltige Erfolge?

Währungsschwankungen stellen international tätige Firmen und Kanzleien zunehmend vor Herausforderungen. How does this affect you? Leon is a lawyer and a former partner at the Maslon law firm in Minneapolis.

Leon is married, with four beautiful children, and one not so beautiful child. He enjoys running, skiing, tennis and is known to have an irreverent sense of humor. What does future of patents hold in 5, 10, even 15 years? Join Jay and Leon as they discuss key trends in the patent arena. What are or should you be doing to prepare? Even though Jay and Leon don't have a magical crystal ball, their years' of experience in patents provide a sound foundation to draw from for industry trend analysis - and yes, a little speculation.

They will also draw from conversations held in 8 cities at the recently concluded Forum - The Future of IP and Technology Law Forum - where hundreds gathered to discuss these topics. The Government of Canada. Dennemeyer is looking forward to partner with the University and work together to the improvement of Intellectual Property in the area.

We foresee more great projects to come in the near future and are grateful for the opportunity of working together with the prestigious University of Sharjah. From left to right: Khalid Elkhabir Head of Patent Dept. Celebrating its continuous presence at INTA, Dennemeyer has had a special event prepared for its clients: The Dennemeyer pre-INTA sailing regatta, a sailing trip on the shores of Barcelona, was met by calm seas and fair winds.

After the sailing regatta, Dennemeyer and its guests continued the fun Saturday evening at the Boo Beach Club where everybody had the opportunity to network over delicious barbeque and excellent drinks. Space, the final frontier! Well, not anymore, because thanks to a group of six 9 th grade students from Brasov, Romania, we will be able to survive in space. Not very soon, but give them some time and they will make it possible. Heosphoros, the Romanian team, has placed on the 1 st place for kids in the 9 th grade, winning with their space station located in the Lagrangian point L4.

That is why Dennemeyer has decided to support their project and sponsor their trip and presentation to St Louis, Missouri. Cary Levitt und Luke Curran ehemals von der Dennemeyer Group, erläutern, warum es von entscheidender Bedeutung für den geschäftlichen Erfolg von Unternehmen sowie Anwaltskanzleien ist, den genauen Wert und Zweck eines gewerblichen Schutzrechts zu einem beliebigen Punkt in dessen Lebenszyklus zu kennen. Eine der teuersten Phrasen und Einstellungen ist auch im Rechtsgewerbe: Das Management von gewerblichen Schutzrechten stellt hierbei keine Ausnahme dar.

Er gewann im Finale das iPad Mini mit einer hervorragenden Gesamtpunktzahl von insgesamt Reinhold Nowak, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Dennemeyer Group. Ich gratuliere den Teilnehmern deshalb umso mehr zu ihren beeindruckenden Ergebnissen. Wir sind stolz, bekannt geben zu dürfen, dass bei unserem Weihnachts-Quiz einen Gesamtspendenbetrag von insgesamt Zusätzlich zu der Summe aus dem globalen Dennemeyer Weihnachts-Quiz haben auch die beiden Niederlassungen in Rumänien für wohltätige Zwecke gespendet.

Dennemeyer IP Solutions in Rumänien spendete Die Organisation unterstützt die schulische Bildung sowie den Kauf von elektronischen Geräten für benachteiligte Kinder in Rumänien. After wrapping up the final of our IP Christmas Quiz championship yesterday, we are thrilled to congratulate the winner: He wins the iPad Mini with an impressive score of Congratulations to our players for their impressive achievements — we are proud to announce that the quiz created a total donation amount of Beside the money donated through the Dennemeyer IP Christmas Quiz, we also contributed to charitable causes in Romania: Dennemeyer IP Solutions Romania donated Altogether the Dennemeyer Group donated more than Thanks to all who helped us make it possible!

Addressing a variety of activities ranging from strategic management to IP valuation, the IP Quick Check attributes your organization an individual score and compares it to the average score of other companies. Find the IP Quick Check http: Letzten Dezember haben viele von Ihnen spielend Gutes getan: Dennemeyer spendete mehr als In diesem Jahr haben wir unser Ziel noch höhergesteckt und wollen das gute Ergebnis des letzten Jahres übertreffen.

Je öfter Sie spielen und je mehr richtige Antworten Sie geben, desto höher wird die Summe, die wir an Ärzte ohne Grenzen spenden werden. Der Startschuss ist heute gefallen! Die zwei getrennten Quiz-Wettbewerbe für Patente oder Trademarks werden Mitte Dezember beendet und die jeweils fünf besten Spieler aus den beiden Kategorien erreichen automatisch das Finale. Es war noch nie so einfach, Gutes zu tun — machen Sie mit! Last year December was for giving. Thanks to you, our donation campaign for Doctors Without Borders became a real success with more than correct answers and more than Euro donated for a good cause.

This year our ambition is to even surpass that result. All you have to do is log in, choose the Christmas Quiz mode and play the patent or trademark qualifiers - depending on your professional background.

The two separate championships will end middle of December and the Top Five of both categories will automatically enter the final round.

The winner of the final will receive an iPad as a personal reward, next to the certainty that no other player has contributed more to our donation campaign. Have fun and share the care this December. Die Themen im Überblick:. Nach den Vorträgen tauschten die Teilnehmer ihre Meinungen und Erfahrungen mit den anwesenden Dennemeyer-Kollegen aus.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen unseren Gästen für das angenehme Event und die wertvollen Anregungen. Bildergalerie mit weiteren Veranstaltungsfotos. Secondly because Dennemeyer has identified the continent as a region where clients are reconsidering their level of protection in IP to plan for anticipated economic growth. Dennemeyer Africa is capable of offering a whole bundle of IP related legal and management services as well as software solutions covering the entire continent.

The range of services includes legal advice on branding in Africa and South Africa, patent and trademark searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, recordals, annuities and renewals, litigation, commercial IP, advice on pharmaceuticals labeling and packaging as well as IP portfolio management. Van Zyl is based in Europe for the sake of providing easy face to face contact and is available to travel to our clients or meet them at any of our offices in Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Munich.

For further information about the new practice group please contact Christophe van Zyl. In addition to the presentations, we exchanged views during round-table discussions. Our thanks go out to all our guests for making this event an inspiration. You can get two of the presentations here.

Check out the gallery for more snapshots from the event. Guests were offered a presentation about the exposed counterfeit goods and they had fun discovering a great diversity of reproductions. The tour was followed by an informal standing reception with hors d'oeuvres and drinks and proved to be a great start for this year's Annual Meeting.

Check out the gallery to discover more about our evening. Und wenn ja, für wen? Frau Li besitzt einen wissenschaftlichen Hochschulabschluss M. In ihrer Präsentation erläutert sie, warum Firmen, die in jenen Industriezweigen tätig sind, in denen die geistigen Eigentumsrechte eine wichtige Rolle spielen, insbesondere solche, die standardessentielle Patente beinhalten, eine aufmerksame Prüfung durch die chinesischen Behörden erwarten dürfen, während diese Firmen sich weiter in diesem komplexen Bereich fortentwickeln.

Im Anschluss folgte eine angeregte Diskussion unter den ca. Für Rückfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an: The lecture was held by Ms. She holds an M. In her presentation she outlined that businesses active in industries in which intellectual property rights play an important role - especially where SEPs are involved - should expect close scrutiny from Chinese agencies as they continue to develop in this complex area.

The lecture was followed by an excited discussion among the roughly 30 attendees — as well as by cool drinks. Further complementary evening lectures will follow and be announced at www. For further question, please contact: Die gemeine Feldmaus bewohnt ein breites Spektrum von Lebensräumen: Wiesen und Sumpfland, Weiden und Gärten sowie städtische Gebiete. Eine Entscheidung des Bundespatentgerichts aus dem September hat dem Nagetier jetzt auch den Weg bis zum Bundesgerichtshof geebnet.

Aber der Reihe nach: Das Bundespatentgericht hat vor Kurzem die Zurückweisung einer Gebrauchsmusteranmeldung für ein Verfahren zum Ködern von Feldmäusen mit Hilfe einer Köderstation durch das Deutsche Patentamt bestätigt, da Verfahren nach deutschem Recht nicht als Gebrauchsmuster geschützt werden können.

Gebrauchsmuster schützen Erfindungen, ähnlich den Patenten. Der Hauptzweck von Gebrauchsmustern ist jedoch, eine schnellere Eintragung im Gegensatz zu einem Patent zu erhalten, indem das Prüfungs- und Erteilungsverfahren durch eine einfache Eintragung ersetzt wird. Im Gegenzug ist die Lebensdauer kürzer. Aus historischer Sicht hätte sich das Gebrauchsmustern zu einem Recht ähnlich dem Patent entwickelt. Das Hauptproblem ist die unterschiedliche Behandlung von Vorrichtungs-Gebrauchsmustern und Verfahrens-Gebrauchsmustern.

Köllner wirft daher die Frage auf, ob man einem Verfahrenserfinder sein geistiges Eigentum vorenthalten kann ohne die Eigentumsgarantie des Art. Kann man einen Verfahrenserfinder anders behandeln als den Erfinder einer Vorrichtung, der ein Patent und ein Gebrauchsmuster erhalten kann, ohne das Gleichheitsgebot des Art. Diese Frage liegt jetzt dem Bundesgerichtshof vor. Sollte das tatsächlich der Fall sein, hätte die Feldmaus einen weiteren Lebensraum erobert: Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an: The field mouse inhabits a wide range of habitats including grasslands and marshes, pastures and gardens, and urban areas.

As a consequence of a decision of the Bundespatentgericht Federal Patent Court of Germany from September with the keyword "field mouse bait station" it has also found its way to the Bundesgerichtshof German Federal Supreme Court.

Bundespatentgericht recently confirmed the rejection of a utility model application to protect a method of catching mice with a bait station due to the fact that methods are not protectable as utility models under German Law. Utility models consist of an exclusive right granted for an invention that is similar to a patent right, but its main purpose is to achieve a faster registration than that of a patent by replacing examination and grant by simple registration.

In return, its lifespan is shortened. Not all countries offer this type of protection and their scope differs widely. From a historical point of view, the protection of utility models developed as a right parallel to the protection of patents. For further information please contact: In der Vergangenheit war es recht schwierig, geistige Eigentumsrechte in Japan wiederherzustellen.

Es gab nahezu keinen Fall, in dem eine Wiederherstellung zugelassen wurde, wenn die ursprüngliche Terminfrist versäumt worden war. Um sich jedoch der internationalen Auslegung anzugleichen, hat das japanische Patentamt JPA vor Kurzem seine Regeln in Bezug auf die Wiederherstellung der geistigen Eigentumsrechte überarbeitet und die Anforderungen geändert, um die Konditionen für Antragsteller und Eigentümer zu verbessern.

Allerdings ist immer noch nicht ganz klar, ob es dadurch tatsächlich leichter geworden ist, erloschene geistige Eigentumsrechte wiederherzustellen oder nicht. Der folgende Artikel untersucht die neuen Anforderungen an die Wiederherstellung geistiger Eigentumsrechte in Japan und die Richtlinien zur Wiederherstellung, die das JPA veröffentlicht hat.

Den überarbeiteten Vorschriften zur Wiederherstellung der geistigen Eigentumsrechte nach zu urteilen kann ein Versäumnis, die Terminfristen für folgende Verfahren einzuhalten, in folgenden Fällen abgewendet werden:. Wie oben erwähnt, muss es einen berechtigten Grund für die Nicht-Einhaltung der Terminfrist geben, damit die erloschenen geistigen Eigentumsrechte wiederhergestellt werden können.

In seinen Richtlinien zur Wiederherstellung schildert das JPA auch konkrete Beispiele, in denen eine Wiederherstellung akzeptiert, bzw. Ob der Grund für ein Versäumnis solch einer Terminfrist berechtigt ist oder nicht, hängt davon ab, ob der Grund vorhersehbar war. Wenn der Grund vorhersehbar war, dann ist der Grund für ein Versäumnis nicht berechtigt. Dazu zitieren die Richtlinien folgende Beispiele: Andererseits gab es jedoch einen Fall bei der Beschwerdekammer des EPA, in dem das EPA die Wiederherstellung der Rechte zugelassen hat, als der gesetzliche Vertreter des Antragstellers selbst plötzlich erkrankte und innerhalb von zwei Tagen operiert werden musste.

In diesem Fall, hätte der gesetzliche Vertreter zwar theoretisch zwei Tage Zeit gehabt, seine Abwesenheit dem Antragsteller mitzuteilen, das EPA hatte jedoch die Wiederherstellung der Rechte unter diesen Umständen zugelassen. Die Richtlinien erläutern, in welchen Fällen eine Wiederherstellung der Rechte zugelassen wird oder nicht:. Im europäischen Recht kann jedoch eine Wiederherstellung der Rechte zugelassen werden, wenn es sich um nur einen einzelnen Fehler in einem ansonsten zufriedenstellenden System handelt z.

In Bezug auf eine spezifische Situation, die es unmöglich macht, solch einen Fehler zu vermeiden, nennen die Richtlinien als Beispiel eine Situation, wie etwa: In der Verwirrung solch einer Situation könnte die neu ernannte Person, die nun mit den geistigen Eigentumsrechten betraut wurde, versehentlich die Unterlagen an die verkehrte Adresse geschickt und die Terminfrist somit verpasst haben.

Wenn also zum Beispiel eine verantwortliche Person plötzlich krank und bettlägerig und dadurch für eine Weile arbeitsunfähig wird, der rote Zeitraum auf Abbildung 1 und sein Kollege über die Fakten dieses Falles informiert sein könnte, dann müsste sich dessen Kollege somit auch über die Risiken einer verpassten Terminfrist bewusst sein.

Es ist daher unbedingt erforderlich, die Terminfristen mit besonderer Sorgfalt zu behandeln. Kontaktieren Sie Kazuya Sekiguchi unter: To better satisfy the needs of its clients and expand its workforce, Dennemeyer France is happy to announce its move to a bigger office. We are also happy to inform you that we have created two generic email addresses to allow you to contact us more easily:.

For any new business inquiries do not hesitate to contact us. Notre nouvelle adresse est:. Businesses active in industries where intellectual property rights play an important role - especially where Standard Essential Patents SEPs are involved - should expect close scrutiny from Chinese agencies as they continue to develop their approach in this complex area.

Yuan Li will summarize the key enforcement activities of competition law in China, particularly focus on SEPs and how they relate various issues. If this issue is of interest for you, join us at our Munich office. The lecture is followed by a drinks reception.

Traditionally, it has been difficult to restore IP rights in Japan. There have been almost no cases where restoration was admitted after a failure to meet a deadline. However, it is still not clear whether it has actually become easier to reinstate lost IP rights or not.

According to the revised rules relating to restoration of IP rights, failure to meet the deadlines of the following procedures can be saved:. As mentioned above, there needs to be a justifiable reason for not complying with the time limit in order for the lapsed IP rights to be restored.

In the Guidelines for Restoration published by the JPO, examples in which restoration is admitted or not admitted are exemplified. Whether the reason for missing a deadline is a justifiable reason depends on whether the reason was predictable. If the reason is predictable it cannot be justifiable. That is, a lapsed IP right cannot be restored when the reason for missing the deadline was predictable.

Taking the absence of the representative due to scheduled hospitalisation, it seems that, according to the Guidelines, the JPO will regard it as scheduled hospitalization if the person could inform his absence to someone in advance. That is to say, it is regarded as unpredictable only when the person representative is suddendly admitted to hospital and had no chance to inform his absence to any other person.

In this case, the representative had two days to inform his absence to the applicant, but the EPO admitted restoration under this condition. The guidelines illustrate in which cases the restoration will or will not be admitted as follows: As mentioned above, restoration cannot be admitted if wrong data was inputted and no substantial measure was taken. This means that if the deadline was missed because of human error, such as incorrect data inputting, without substantial measures such as double checking, it would be impossible to restore the IP right.

On the other hand, in Japan it seems that an isolated mistake in a normally satisfactory system will not be a ground for restoration because it is required that there was a specific situation making it impossible to avoid the mistake, according to the Guidelines. The example of the specific situation listed in the guidelines is so special that the hurdle for the request of restoration to be admitted seems to be still high in Japan. For example, a responsible person suddenly becomes ill in bed and cannot work for a while red period inFigure 1 and his colleague could know this fact and thus the colleague could know the risk of missing a deadline.

In this case, the restoration cannot be admitted unless the colleague tried to avoid missing the deadline accordingly even if the other requirements necessary measures were taken in advance and the request for the restoration was filed in an appropriate period are met. The JPO states that the restoration may be admitted if there is a justifiable reason for not complying with the time limit and said justifiable reason can be considered similar to the due care criteria adopted in the EPO.

However, according to the examples listed in the guidelines, it seems to be stricter in Japanese practice than in the European practice for the restoration to be admitted. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of deadlines in a specifically careful manner. He is active in the area of intellectual property law since and he is qualified as a M. His areas of expertise are chemistry, pharmaceutics, lasers spectroscopics.

You can contact Mr. Verglichen mit den Kosten für Forschung und Entwicklung, ist der Zukauf geistigen Eigentums finanziell und zeitlich oft günstiger. Gerade in neuen Technologiebereichen führt das Bündeln von Know-how zu Wettbewerbsvorteilen, etwa einem schnelleren Markteintritt.

Sinnvolle Ergänzungen des eigenen Portfolios durch Zukauf können Firmen also einen wirtschaftlichen Vorteil verschaffen. Allerdings unterliegen Übernahmen und Fusionen häufig Beschränkungen beispielsweise durch Kartellvorschriften und -auflagen.

Zwei Parteien vereinbaren, sich gegenseitig ihr geistiges Eigentum oder Teile davon zugänglich und nutzbar zu machen. Ein Beispiel ist die Lizenzierung von Technologien durch einen Vertrag, in dem der geistige Eigentümer, also der Lizenzgeber, der anderen Partei, dem Lizenznehmer, erlaubt, die betreffende Technologie zu nutzen, zu ändern oder zu verkaufen.

Normalerweise erfolgt dies gegen Zahlung einer Lizenzgebühr. Zum Beispiel gewährt der Lizenzgeber dem Lizenznehmer das Recht, in einem vom Lizenznehmer produzierten Computer einen Prozessor des Lizenzgebers zu installieren und weiter zu verkaufen. Die Rollen und Verantwortlichkeiten der beteiligten Partner sind im Vertrag eindeutig festgelegt, ähnlich wie bei anderen Lieferanten-Kunden-Beziehungen.

Die Unternehmen gründen ein JV und legen ihr Know-how zusammen. In der Regel beschränken sich solche Kooperationen auf abgegrenzte Technologiefelder. Klicken Sie hier für den vollständigen Artikel. Mit geschickt gesteuerten Gesetzesänderungen wurde so das Gebühreneinkommen aus gewerblichen Schutzrechten von ursprünglich wenigen Millionen auf weit über Millionen Euro Überschuss gesteigert.

Wegen derzeit rund fehlender Prüfer ist das deutsche Prüfungsverfahren auf eine durchschnittliche Dauer von sechs Jahren angestiegen, sodass der Anmelder nach der Offenlegung seiner technischen Lehreetwa 54 Monate ohne einen Patentschutz dasteht — eine verheerende Entwicklung angesichts immer schneller werdender Innovationszyklen. Dagegen werden die Erfinder in China systematisch mit massiven Fördermitteln auch zu Anmeldungen im Ausland unterstützt. Und was passiert in Deutschland?

Vor 30 Jahren galten auch in Deutschland noch der halbe Einkommensteuersatz für Gewinne aus Erfindungen und der halbe Mehrwertsteuersatz für Tätigkeiten eines Patentanwalts.

Sie wachsen schnell — und wir ziehen mit. Im Zuge unserer globalen Expansion ist uns auch unser Münchner Büro zu eng geworden. Wir ziehen deshalb am Dienstag, Unsere neue Münchner Adresse lautet: Landaubogen , München, Deutschland.

Bitte ändern Sie unsere Adressdaten entsprechend. Unsere Telefon- und Faxnummern bleiben unverändert. You are growing rapidly — and so are we. In light of our global expansion, our Munich offices have become too small for our needs. As of Tuesday, July 19 , we will be serving our clients from a new location. Our new address is: We kindly request you update our contact details accordingly. Our telephone and fax numbers stay unchanged. Are you interested in a personal appointment? Das Ranking basiert auf einer Umfrage unter tausenden deutschen Kollegen.

Unsere Patentanwaltskanzlei ist auf dem richtigen Weg, das zeigt sich auch in unserem starken Wachstum und unserer ungebremsten globalen Expansion. Köllner promovierte in physikalischer Chemie und hat ein Diplom in Physik von der Universität Heidelberg. Auf Grund seiner herausragenden Leistungen wird er seit mehreren Jahren als einer der führenden Rechtsanwälte und Strategen auf dem Gebiet des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes ausgezeichnet. Köllner schaut zurück auf hunderte Due-Diligence-Projekte für kleinere Kunden, Investoren und FortuneGesellschaften, insbesondere für Risikokapitalinvestitionen.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt zu Malte Köllner auf unter: Par ailleurs, le Dr. Our patent law firm is on the right track, which is also reflected by our strong growth and our ongoing global expansion.

Köllner holds a Ph. His areas of expertise include physics, physical chemistry, optics, lasers, biotechnology, medical devices and software. Köllner has authored and co-authored numerous publications on the economic and legal side of the IP system, including a handbook on the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

A few years ago, Köllner correctly predicted the failure of the German patent funds, at a time when there was still much hype around these funds IAM. Köllner has extensive experience in performing hundreds of due diligence investigations for smaller clients, investors and Fortune companies, in particular for venture capital investments.

Köllner can be contacted at: It was a good opportunity to get to know the next generation of IP experts that will join the market in the upcoming months. The championship ended last month and he succeeded in defeating his anonymous opponent in the Final Battle on Monday, June 27th.

Nach den Vorträgen über spannende Trendthemen rund um aktuelle Entwicklungen im gewerblichen Rechtsschutz laden wir Sie ein zur Diskussion, zum Networken und zu kühlen Drinks mit einem fantastischen Blick über München. Die erste Dennemeyer online Meisterschaft über geistiges Eigentum, das sog. Am Schluss traten die beiden führenden Spieler im Duell gegeneinander an, um den Sieg zu holen. Er wird in Kürze sein iPad in Chicago erhalten.

Unser Dank gilt auch all den anderen Spielern weltweit aus dem Bereich geistiges Eigentum! Bleiben Sie weiter eingeschaltet für unseren nächsten Wettbewerb, dies war erst der Anfang! Enjoy summer with us! After short presentations on current IP trends held in German language our complimentary workshops offer you a good opportunity to discuss the following topics:.

After the presentations there will be plenty of time for discussions, networking and cool drinks — with a fantastic view. Exclusively for summer , Dennemeyer continues its high demand webinar series. These webinars provide the tools and information for you to save key resources — your time and money. Join the webinar s to question the experts directly and find out what fellow intellectual property professionals are asking.

Learn more about the five webinars in July and August and register today. Many players have used their superpowers to test their knowledge about patents and trademarks and were having fun playing the online version of the popular Dennemeyer IP Quiz Championships.

In the end, the two leading players competed against each other to win the prize. He will receive his iPad in Chicago soon. Thanks to all the other players from all over the IP world!

Stay tuned for our next challenge — this was just the beginning. Benutzt Ihre Anwaltskanzlei die gleichen Prozesse bereits seit Jahren? Dennemeyers Webseminar am Mai zeigte, wie Anwaltskanzleien und somit letztendlich die Unternehmen von einem rationalisierten Prozess profitieren können. In diesem Webseminar diskutiert Leon Steinberg ein ausgelagertes Geschäftsmodell, um den Transfer und die damit verknüpften Kosteneinsparungen zu verzeichnen.

Weshalb sollte dieser Prozess ausgelagert werden? Sie können enorm die internen Kosten senken und, falls es sich um eine Anwaltskanzlei handelt, enorm Ihren Profit steigern. Zu den Highlights zählen u. Sehen Sie sich noch heute diese Aufzeichung des Webseminars an.

Pourquoi sous-traiter ce processus? Les points importants de ce webinaire comprennent:. Sehen Sie den clip mit dem Interview und Bildern unseres beeindruckenden Messestands hier. At INTA it was almost impossible not see the Dennemeyer booth - the biggest and highest booth of all and placed in the very center of the exhibition area. Watch the clip with the interview and shots of the impressive booth here. Are you a law firm that has been using the same process for years?

Curious on how you can save time, resources, and ultimately cost? In this webinar, Leon Steinberg discusses an outsourced model to record transfers and the associated cost savings. Why outsource this process? You can greatly reduce internal costs; and if you are a law firm, greatly increase profits. Watch the recorded webinar today. Luxembourg-based leading intellectual property management service provider Dennemeyer Group reaffirms its commitment to the European market by relocating their Bracknell office to Reading, United Kingdom.

Reading continues to score high on a number of key economic indicators such as economic contribution per worker and number of businesses per capita: As of Thursday, June 9, , our Reading office's address is: By optimizing our presence in the UK, we will serve as a direct point of contact for UK companies, corporations and law firms, addressing their IP needs and providing specialized advice.

This is a continuation of the global expansion strategy of Dennemeyer Group and a strong commitment to the UK, which was initiated over 40 years ago. Dennemeyer set up their first overseas office in Stockport, UK in and established a team which handled the first computer-based patent annuity payments in the world.

Am Samstag, den Vor der Show hatten die Kollegen bereits die Gelegenheit, bei einer aufregenden Fahrt auf einem Airboat Alligatoren in ihrem natürlichen Lebensraum zu sehen. Sehen Sie die Bildergalerie für weitere Schanppschüsse zu diesem Event. Dort bot sich unseren Gästen dann die Gelegenheit, die besten Tapas der Stadt zu probieren, bevor sie um 22 Uhr von einem Feuerwerk von Disney World verzaubert wurden.

Bitte sehen Sie die Bildergalerie für weitere Schnappschüsse zu diesem Event. Cela ne va pas changer. Leser werden vermutlich bereits wissen, dass ein Einspruch gegen ein Europäisches Patent innerhalb von neun Monaten nach dessen Erteilung eingereicht werden kann.

Dies wird sich nicht ändern. Leser werden vermutlich ebenfalss wissen, dass das Verfahren zum Einreichen eines Einspruchs recht langwierig sein kann, sodass Jahre verstreichen, ehe eventuell eine Entscheidung in der ersten Instanz gefällt wird.

Dies wird sich ändern. Es gibt zwei bedeutende Faktoren, die zur Beschleunigung des Verfahrens zum Einreichen eines Einspruchs beitragen sollen. Zweitens, wenn die Antwort auf einen Einspruch vom Patentinhaber an den Widersprechenden mitgeteilt wird, wird die Einspruchsabteilung gleichzeitig den nächsten Handlungsschritt vorbereiten.

Dieser nächste Handlungsschritt wird normalerweise die Erteilung einer Vorladung zu einer mündlichen Verhandlung sein. Readers will probably know that an opposition against a European Patent can be filed within nine months after grant. This will not change. Readers will probably also know that the opposition procedure can be quite lengthy so that years might pass before a decision is rendered by the first instance. There are two major factors which shall contribute to speeding up the opposition procedure.

Firstly, contrary to the former practice, extensions of time limits will be granted only in exceptional cases with duly substantiated requests. Secondly, when communicating the reply to an opposition from the patent proprietor to the opponent, the Opposition Division will at the same time prepare the next action. Send holiday hockey cheer! Choose a photo, pick a background and create a holiday postcard to share the WJC with friends, family and fans!

Mark Morrison helped the first POE team to gold with a point performance in , and added bronze a year later. How many have played in the POE? How many are first-round NHL picks? Take a closer look at the 33 invited to Victoria. Register now for WJC camps! Paul Kariya finished with eight points in seven games in a golden performance at his second World Juniors in Roster unveiled for NJT camp.

Mathew Barzal finished top in scoring in his second go-round at World Juniors in , helping Canada to silver. Scott Niedermayer won World Juniors gold in and was named an all-star a year later, all without recording a point. Kyle Turris recorded points in six of seven games to lead a talented roster in scoring and help Canada to another gold. Victoria to host NJT camp. WJC hopefuls will gather in the B. Road to WJC schedule unveiled. Nine communities across B. Timbits Hockey Canada Initiation Program.

Hockey Canada developed the Timbits Hockey Canada Initiation Program to make children's first contact with hockey a safe and positive experi Single tickets on sale for WJC.

From Canada-Denmark to the gold medal game, fans can pick and choose what they want to see in Vancouver. World Juniors go to school. The focus is on building excitement and connecting with fans across the province during the countdown to Dec. Schedule out for WJC. The coach came back. The World Juniors bench boss talks about making the move from assistant, playing in Canada, and camp in Kamloops. Glass scored early, but Canada came up one short in its prelim finale.

Five different players scored to keep Canada perfect in the prelims. Dobson scored the game-winning goal to help Canada edge the Swiss. Comtois tied a Canadian record with 4 goals in a win over the Danes. Frost and Hayton scored goals, but special teams doomed Canada.

Glass had a goal and two assists again to help Canada top the Slovaks. Comtois scored twice and added two assists to lead Canada to the win. Studnicka had 2G in regulation and Bowers added the shootout winner. The tourism head talks about the potential economic impact of the WJC.

The parks and rec director talks about community support in Victoria.