1916 Kaiserliche Konigliche Osterreichische Post 5 Heller Stamp

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Retrieved from " http: Legacy of the Weltkrieg Please review the following articles to get acquainted with the events, individuals, and countries that shaped the world from the start of the Weltkrieg in until the present day of How to Help Here you can find some tools to help create a new page. In the past 18 months, the forces of both sides have clashed several times. Admiral von Spee achieved a great victory over a British squadron off Coronel in Chile, but was destroyed himself off the Falklands.

Nevertheless, he remains the first officer to inflict a severe defeat to the Royal Navy in more than years. At Helgoland and near the Dogger Bank, the Imperial Navy did suffer defeat, losing a great number of cruisers and the modern armoured cruiser Blücher. While the Royal Navy certainly enjoys the advantage in numbers and in strategic positioning, and generally employs heavier weaponry, the Kaiserliche Marine has a few aces up their sleeves as well.

German ships, especially capital ships, are generally much tougher than their counterparts and have a much better gunnery targeting accuracy. A further advantage are the extensive minefields close to the German coast, which make it much more difficult for the enemy to harass the Germans in port.

Also, the German Navy, being the underdog, has explored the possibilities of two devastating new unconventional weapons, the submarine and the airship. The submarine, or U-Boat German: Unterseeboot , has shown its capabilities in the last year on numerous occasions, especially with SM U 9 sinking three armoured cruisers in less than an hour, and is a serious threat to British shipping, both civilian and military.

The airship however serves mostly as a scout craft in naval service, but can achieve a speed and range that is unlike any other craft. As it is also airborne, it cannot be harmed by enemy naval forces, and thus can provide the German forces with a decisive edge in terms of reconnaissance. There is one further German advantage that should be mentioned: Every modern small cruiser bears mines at all times for laying down barrages, as do all modern torpedo boats, and a small fleet of auxiliary cruisers and converted cargo ships carry literally hundreds of mines each.

Two specialized fast minelaying cruisers will enter service in , joining up with one older vessel of that type and a large number of minelaying submarines. Mine barriers in unexpected places have already claimed a large number of civilian and military British ships, the most prominent among them being the super-dreadnought HMS Audacious.

The capabilities of the German Navy dictate its strategy to some extent.