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excerpts from “Fatima in Twilight” by Mark Fellows “John Paul’s relationships with Solidarity (there were 1 mln., Communist Party members), and Opus Dei preceded his election to the papacy.

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Das Opus Dei („Werk Gottes“), eigentlich Prälatur vom Heiligen Kreuz und Opus Dei (lat. Praelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei), ist eine gegründete Institution in der römisch-katholischen Kirche.

We have time and again discussed how the likes of Ethereum , NEO, and other decentralized ledgers can make bigger waves in the future by enabling developers to build applications and platforms that bolster the sharing economy. Going beyond cryptocurrency, Ethereum lets users create, maintain, and execute smart contracts — all managed in a decentralized fashion through the blockchain. As a decentralized ledger, the blockchain aims to democratize oversight over digital assets, increase transparency, reduce transactional friction, and enhance sharing.

That means Blockchain tech can potentially revolutionize the way we distribute and consume music. When you buy a book, do you only buy the copy, or do you own the content you have bought? When you buy a track on iTunes, do you have the perpetual and immutable right to play that song, and can you copy it on another media?

This becomes more challenging when you consider a subscription service, wherein you pay for access to the platform, but lose the ability to listen to the track elsewhere or outside of the platform. The startup intends to address long-standing issues in the entertainment and streaming industry, including the ones I have outlined above.

Meanwhile, you can listen to music through smart contracts, which will contain the decryption keys and file hashes. These smart contracts also provide a way for end-users to compensate creators for their music.

These technical gains are advantageous enough and can potentially improve how just about any multimedia content is distributed and consumed online. The concept is basic enough: Store the music files on the blockchain permanently, lock them for protected access, and give they keys to the people who have the right to access the content.

Even playback is decentralized, so that users have a choice as to the compatible players they can use. This also gives third-party developers the ability to build applications that can access rich content stored on the OPUS blockchain and swarm.

In addition, OPUS also plans to drastically change the business model of music. But where does OPUS get its own business model, then?

Currently, the organization has taken support from angel investment, and it has launched its tokensale — otherwise known as an initial coin offering or crowd sale — through which it plans to raise enough capital, in exchange for OPT, which are crypto-tokens that can be used for purchasing music.

Opus Bank partnering with me, really allowed me to do it. Hear from our clients Natural Food Center "They have a vested interest in us and the willingness to be personally involved to really show that they care.

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