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As a Jewish person it seemed very strange, having read a great deal, even at that age about the Nazis, and finding that it was just not what one would expect in suburban West Orange where our neighborhood was predominantly Jewish yet as mentioned above there were many people of varied backgrounds frequenting Mr.

Final memory is the scar I have from the large German shepherd that lived with Mr. It took a chunk out of me as I bent over to pet him but I always loved dogs in spite of being bitten by that old dog. I also lived on Collamore Terrace and learned to play chess in the Log Cabin. Alex was Alex Gudding. He also ran the local Boy Scout Webloe troop.

There was a whole group of young boys, and those of us who showed some ability at chess got to play other youth teams, such as the Newark Boys club. There was, indeed, a very large German shepherd!

The house at 30 Collamore was unique, not only because it was full of WWII memorabilia, but it also housed a private observatory that faced east. On a clear night, with all the lights turned off, the search lights from the Empire State Building would illuminate the back wall of the observatory from nearly 20 miles away.

There were many magnificent chess sets made from stone and metal. Just click on Play Blitz under the board. Tuesday, March 12, E. Forry Laucks was an eccentric Neo-Nazi multimillionaire who according to Frank Brady wore a swastika on his lapel and had Nazi flags in his home. Whitaker told how Laucks would never take care of his car. He would never change the oil and when the engine crapped out Laucks would just go to a local used car dealer and buy another car.

Laucks was apparently a relative, perhaps the son, of S. Forry Laucks, who was said to be the richest man in York, Pennsylvania and was the owner of the Lauxmont Farms. Forry died in and was said to have been even more crazy than E. Arthur Bisguier wrote that the club was attended by people from every walk of life, including Blacks and Jews, despite the club having Nazi flags all over the place. Neatly balancing his social and business interests is his gift for art, as evidenced by the paintings which hang upon the walls of his home and which have been exhibited at the Montclair Art Museum, the Trenton Academy of Art, and the Art Center of the Oranges.

During his boyhood, however, the game did not mean much to him and it was not until many years later that chess became his passion. Thus, he established the Log Cabin Chess Club. Here, in his own words, is what he sought to accomplish: As a chess player Laucks was strong enough to have defeated E. He died after completing the first six rounds while he was leading a group of players on a tour of San Juan.

He collapsed and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Whereas, some mine owners may charge a fee per visit or quantity of material collected. Here, we provide links to the organizations sponsoring such trips, or have reported on the highly prized occurrences after which we seek. Purple Passion Mine, Wickenburg, Arizona http: Bluffton Stone Company Quarry, Bluffton, Allen County, Ohio purple, brown, pink, clear, white, yellow, gold, brown, brownish black cubes or trisoctahedrons, with phantoms http: To view a listing of world famous fluorite sites by c o l o r: Fluorite ranks as an important commercial mineral.

It is used as flux in steel-making, glass-making, enameling, as well as uranium production and the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid HF. The Midwestern United States boasts viable deposits. Four western states have also supported its extraction: Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, and Utah. Today, very little, if any, U. The last and largest domestic fluorspar mine closed in , leaving tailings for future collection. Minerva Mine 1, Cave in Rock, Illinois 5. Isaias Casanova Bluish cubes of fluorite with rich purple zones and minor black spots of hydrocarbons.

Important mines in Rosiclaire and Cave-in-Rock, Illinois were part of this famous mining district. As fluorite occurs so frequently in deposits, and was mined since early Roman Empire times, locations developed around the globe are too many to mention within the scope of this article.

There are many famous collection locations for Fluorite around the world. Most notable locales exist in the U. The original hotspot for collectable fluorites is in the United Kingdom.

In England, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Durham, and mines in Saxony have shown the most promising specimens. For example, the Rogerley Mine in Weardale, England has historically supplied collectors for over years.

Specimens from this locale are bright green and fluoresce blue in strong daylight. Spain boasts at least two major collection locales for purple: Asturias and La Vescias.

China has light and deep green octahedrons, and colorless, and purple cubes from Hunan Province. Though this author has yet to find a specimen or photo of fluorite from this snow-covered continent, literature abounds, alluding to its existence.

Some observations are based on satellite and geophysical surveys, others by mining companies exploring for resources. Surface deposits have even been explored. There are no known future plans by any of the Antarctic Treaty nations to reverse this decision. So, collecting here is prohibited. Some lucky few of us might join a geologic expedition in the future. To our Junior Members and the rest of us, young-at-heart , finding well-preserved fluorite crystals on Antarctica, may rival your desire to search for life on Mars.

If you wish, I hope you get to do both, one day. For the future, you will need a map or guide. Here is one theory of exploration that can lead you to at least geologically analogous sites on four nearby continents: In that Australia was once connected to Antarctica as part of the ancient supercontinent, Pangea , geologies of the formerly joined landmasses must be similar. Therefore, if one finds fluorite at the connective boundary in Australia, another may find it at its corresponding boundary in Antarctica.

The same goes for the southern tip of South America, the African coast, and India, as well. Though, never mined, purple fluorite does exist there.

I would imagine that legally procuring a specimen or even a photo would be a grand achievement. As the world is full of this spectacular mineral, one could spend decades combing our planet for specimens, and relegate oneself to dreaming of the day toward participating in a grand expedition to this frozen continent. Courtesy of the University of Texas. We have two major choices at lighting: Our number one choice is free, but limited to exciting a scant few specimens from locations such as England.

Our number two choice costs a few dollars, but delivers the freedom to view in brightly glowing color any fluorescing fluorite we would have the desire to make glow. In about , he noted that certain English fluorites glowed bright blue in sunlight. Sometimes referred to as Stokes shift, the law holds that the wavelength of fluorescent light is always greater than the wavelength of the exciting light. He has laid some immense groundwork for our modern, mathematical understanding of our favorite fluorite.

Well, it is the play of color that excites most students, scientists, and hobbyists. To proceed, let us properly define our application of fluorescence. This releases visible light waves photons of different wave lengths colors from the mineral. Each output will produce either a longwave, or a shortwave light. This usually produces a blue light.

In our long wave case the green fluorite fluoresces blue. Fluorite also fluoresces green, yellow, red, and white. Some will fluoresce one color under short-wave, a second color under longwave, and even a third phosphorescence. Other activators in Fluorite include Yttrium, Samarium, and some organic impurities. The fluorescent light is emitted when those electrons jump down to a lower energy state and emit a light of their own.

With this application we can further enjoy our perfect specimen! The fluorescent effects are gauged by prospectors as indicators of the geochemistry of the minerals to be mined. When fluorite is not the desired mineral to be mined in commercial quantities, even as a gangue mineral can be used as clue to the presence of desired metal sulfide ores. Two Russian mineralogists, Ganzeyev and Sotskov, stated in a article on the composition of their native fluorites that: Also found in fluorite were europium, terbium, lutetium, and strontium not a REE, but tested for anyway.

For example, by finding even a bit of massive purple fluorite running in a vein of white calcite from a southeastern Pennsylvania limestone quarry, we can ascertain that a possible association of other desirable minerals could be close by. Various pink and white dolomite saddles, multi-faceted clear calcite crystals, and even some cubes of pyrite perched upon the two could be the vug-find of the day, if one searches with aplomb.