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Consistent terminology, word choice to fulfill patent guidelines, construction of independent and depended claims, punctuation and sentence construction are just a few of the many considerations taken into account to ensure the success of the patent application. The same requirements are placed on the translation of a patent and therefore, the translation of a patent deserves the same dedication to getting it right. With my experience in translating technical text across a variety of industries, my strong research abilities and my continued education efforts in the technical field, as well as my knowledge about the patent process and patent conventions, I am able to guarantee patent translations that adhere to patent conventions, are precise and well researched, and with consistent terminology.

Do want to take advantage of my experience? Click on the link on top of the page to send me an e-mail. Never standing still, it is driven by adaptation, improvement and innovation. With new machinery and tools comes the need for new documentation and corporate literature for domestic and international markets, for example: My specialties in manufacturing include packaging and conveyor systems, and machining and cutting tools.

Send me an e-mail to discuss how I can help you! As a technical translator I understand the importance of adhering to the style guides developed to meet these requirements. By working in translation software, I can ensure consistent terminology across all documentation. I am experienced in translating operating manuals, installation manuals, training materials and presentations for the cranes and construction machinery industry.

Since documentation must be delivered with the machinery, time is always of the essence. Partnering with me on your translation projects guarantees you on-time delivery — every time. Let me know how I can help you! Use the link above to send me an email. In contrast to manuals for professional users industrial machinery, cranes etc.

This is not only essential for ease of installation and use, but more importantly, for safe installation and use. You have your next model ready for the international market? I can help you with translating your documentation into well written, accurate and audience-oriented texts in your target language. My experience includes manuals and brochures for household equipment such as washing machines, and manuals, marketing material and works standards for household tools such as chain saws, for example.

Contact me today to discuss your project! As an avid motorcyclist and experienced technical translator I can offer you more than just translated words: I get your audience — I speak their language. Are you looking for a translator that is not only knowledgeable but passionate about your product? Send me an e-mail! Correct and consistent terminology across your corporate literature, technical documentation and patents is important for a positive brand image.

And so is a writing style appropriate for the intended readership. After all, your literature is intended to convey your expertise in the field. Your technical documentation demands particular attention to the language specific to your industry and the type of document and a clear, concise writing style. Whether I proofread the translation of a colleague or my own, it is always done with the document type in mind and the utmost attention to detail.

Contact me today for a free quote. Mikado, Michigan, United States Local time: More actions PayPal accepted. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again 5 positive reviews. News release by manufacturer of high-tech fleece General field: True to our principle: We are the first company in the world that offers its customers the opportunity to print out a quality certificate for each cleaning roll along with all required information.

This service is available on our website www. It is increasingly evident that users prefer consistently solid quality and that they appreciate it if their individual requests are implemented rapidly, and most importantly, with great precision.

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