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It's easy to get to, has ample free covered parking, clean rooms, comfortable beds, and a steady supply of hot water for a morning shower.

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Great food, great rooms, great rates, very friendly people too! Joe Tazouta, Toronto, Ontario. Pete Chartrand - Thunderbay Ontario "Very clean, very friendly, great restaurant menu, and great prices!

They always have had great service, and a great retaraunt. But the property sincerely needed improvements. I must say though What a difference over my last few stays! The new owner is clearely dedicated to bringing this motel up to a whole new level. I have had a little chat with the new owner, and let me tell you this guy knows his business! He has purposly purchased this motel amongst others in order to invest in HUGE imporovements, while hoping for a succesful outcome.

This man is a dedicated investor, and a micro manager, who will stop at nothing to make his property the best it can be! This is why I must give an above average review!

Take it from me, this motel needs you to take another look. George C, Ottawa, Ontario. This was known as winnowing. The threshing floors were important places and were often used as landmarks. As I read through the Bible uses of the threshing floor, it clearly has two connotations. First, it is a place of blessing. It was the place where the grain of the harvest was actually taken from the sheaves.

As such, it was a place where the blessing was received. The Bible refers to "the increase of the threshingfloor" Numbers But secondly, it is a picture of judgment. This is certainly seen in the Matthew 3: Also, the sheaves are beaten or crushed in order to make the separation. All of this is seen as a picture of judgment. So, why did God allow David to purchase the threshing floor from the Jebusite and use it as the temple site?

Of course, it is the location of Mount Moriah and the offering of Isaac. Certainly, this can be said of the place where God choose to meet with the Israelites. In the Psalms, we read, "Blessed are they that dwell in thy house" Psalm Other passages point to the same truth.

The temple was meant to be a place of blessing for the people of God. Second, it is a place of judgment. We see this in the initial purchase of the site by David.