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Carlisle Chambersburg Monterey Pass Greencastle skirmishes. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The first day at Gettysburg, more significant than simply a prelude to the bloody second and third days, ranks as the 23rd biggest battle of the war by number of troops engaged. It is now conceded that all idea of intervention is at an end.


Official Gettysburg Info Center. Check In Check Out. There are no pins in your viewport. Try moving the map or changing your filters. Explore any destination in Gettysburg. Sunset Ice Cream Parlor. Top-rated Gettysburg Things to Do. Gettysburg National Military Park. Learn more from Destination Gettysburg.

See all Gettysburg resources Provided by: Gettysburg Rocks is the brainchild of local musician, music promoter and radio personality Rob Simon aka Bald Rob Gettysburg is full of interactive experiences to educate and enlighten its visitors.

Whether you're interested in the For most travelers, Gettysburg is a place that takes at least a few days to experience. Even then, it sometimes takes a How can you make a beautiful evening in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania even better?

Add in some live music at the end of your The history of Gettysburg is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws to the area. It can be experienced through an Join us for a weekend of racing fun! The Gettysburg North-South Marathon is run against the setting of a landmark Adams County is farm country, from grazing cattle to free range chickens, locally grown vegetables and our famous fruit If Adams County had a signature dessert, it would be pie.

If you want to eat like a local, make your way through this Internationally acclaimed bluegrass festival in Gettysburg! How many more do we need? There are already several excellent games on this battle. Is there anything new, fresh and worthwhile that can be done?

First of all, why make anything new? Is there ever a definitive anything? After Ford came out with the Model T, why make any other cars? There are always new products: New editions, improvements, variations, perspectives.

The Model T was great for the day but look at all the cool options we have today! What can Pub Battles offer that is new? Well first we have the obvious: Just a beautiful Pub Battles style canvas map and blocks would make the game worthwhile. An early version of this is already in a museum display! As a meeting engagement, timing is huge. In most Gettysburg games, the arrival of every piece can be critical. Many Gettysburg games settle into a boring and set opening.

The random move order in Pub Battles will break all of these molds. Every game will be different. Every move will be critical. Are my worries unfounded? Are the play testers correct? You know, I just heard on a history documentary last week that Robert E. Lee had a heart attack after the first day. While possible, we cannot know this definitively. In fact, it is going to cover the East Cavalry Field as well. It should be big, like the Marengo map.

The First Day of Gettysburg, as a meeting engagement, is easily the most fascinating part of the entire battle for me.

I agree with the no scripting idea, if things fall apart on the First Day hopefully not too often , reset and play again! As a base map. We are extending the map east, bigger than most Gettysburg game maps.

So it will include the East Cavalry field also. I suppose if a Pub Battles game were animated it would look like that. Hello, how is the work on Gettysburg coming along? Do you have an expected production date?