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Wort (/ ˈ w ɜːr t /) is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugars, the most important being maltose and maltotriose, [1] that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol.

They're really tall, and are pretty strong may because according to Halo 2, they are allied with gruntiness. The mixture is then boiled to sanitize the wort and, in the case of most beer production, to extract the bittering, flavour and aroma from hops. This long boil extracts resins, which provides the bittering. The bittering hops, added first, are boiled in the wort for approximately one hour to one and a half hours.

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Oxygen is a critical additive in brewing. Oxygen is the only necessary nutrient not naturally found in wort. Adding adequate oxygen to wort requires a fundamental understanding of why yeast need oxygen, how much oxygen they need, and how to get oxygen into solution .

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