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These include studies on the physiochemical and combustion characteristics of materials, the study of detonation phenomena and the development of new systems. Design and development of pilot plants for synthesis of high energy materials and related non-explosive chemicals is also carried out. After the development of technologies and products, HEMRL is involved in the successful production and transfer of technology of these products to appropriate agencies.

In addition to a number of laboratory analytical instruments, HEMRL has state-of-the-art research and production facilities for the study of explosive, propellant and pyrotechnic phenomena. HEMRL also has labs and pilot production plants for synthesising high energy materials and their allied chemicals.

This composition is used for maintaining breathable air within a closed space. It regenerates air inside confined space by liberating oxygen and simultaneously absorbing carbon dioxide.

A compact, low-cost and handy explosive detection kit has been designed and perfected for field detection of traces of explosives. The kit yields a colour reaction, based on which explosives can be detected in minutes. It is used for identification of all common military, civil and home-made explosive compositions, and is being used by Police and BSF for the detection of explosives.

The powerful explosive can substantially reduce the weight and size of the warhead while packing much more punch. CLbased Shaped Charges significantly improve the penetration over armors and could potentially be used in the bomb for the mm main gun mounted on the MBT Arjun tanks. The CL is its reduced sensitivity enables easy handling and transportation and reduces the chances of mishap and loss to men, money, materials and machines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Abdullah 15 January It is enriched with feed attractants due to that shrimps consume feed immediately. It contains energetic highly unsaturated fatty acids. Nutrimax contains all essential nutrients,which keep shrimp health and help achieve high yield. Nutrimax gives faster growth rate and better feed conversion. It enhances shrimp immunity against diseases. It effectively controls pathogenic vibrious.

It Controls loose shell in shrimp. It enhances immunity of shrimp. It contains essential microfined mineral nutrients fortified with enzymes and vitamins specially formulated for vannamei.

It improves growth rate and feed intake. It reduces soft shell due to mineral deficiency.