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Location, location, location! Large, classy, timeless, comfortable, entire top floor with private entrance in our private house out of a 's novel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn one block from the East River.

Certain game functions, such as upgrading buildings, the village and city overview as well as the chat are not yet supported in the app. If you don't yet play Miramagia — a huge community of enthusiastic players looks forward to welcoming you!

Build your railway empire in your browser! As the founder of a small railway company, you can turn a backwater town into a modern metropolis. Work together with other players, develop your rail network and become the most influential tycoon in six exciting eras.

Play Rail Nation now! Legends is an award-winning, international strategy game set in ancient times. Start off as the chief of your little village, establish more of them, lead wars or trade with your neighbours peacefully. Fight your way to the top alongside your allies. Seamless realism is provided by the highly extensive and complex details of the matches.

Kingdoms is the new version of the award-winning, international strategy game set in ancient times. Become the king of your own empire or start out as the governor of your little village. Found additional settlements, wage war or trade peacefully with your neighbours. With the help of your allies you and your kingdom will fight your way to the top.

As the leader of your own racing team, you're responsible for all aspects of your team. Research, development, drivers and strategy being just a few examples of what you will have to take care of in order to compete against players in worldwide live races. All of that right from the heart of the action: The following overview shows you which game features are unlocked at which level on your magical farm.

The following table shows you the level from which different plants are available on your farm and which zone they're best suited to. Here you'll find answers to questions relating to the transformation.

Loads of tips and tricks will help you to enhance your magical powers even further. Our package for beginners which we've named "Dreamy Starter Package" for its extensive content is also beneficial to experienced players.

Here you can find out all about the exclusive weekly prizes, e. The following table shows you the level from which different spells can be learnt and used in the game. This also includes plants and spells see the separate lists and a whole host of decoration items which become available at various levels. Additionally, once levels 11, 21, 31, etc. After the first transformation, once level 50 is reached, an additional daily free lottery ticket is unlocked for the Magical Lottery Booth.

The following table shows you at which level different plants become available and which zones they're best suited to.

Together, this content provides you with a little boost when growing plants and make the game so much easier. As soon as a package has been redeemed, all level 1 obstructions are cleared. Any level 1 vapourisations currently taking place are finished instantly.

Obstructions of level 2 or higher are not affected and must still be cleared. The time and Mana costs for clearing the next field square are calculated from the number of field squares already cleared.

Squares cleared by the package are also included here, although the package allows you to save a lot of time and Mana. The next vapourisation following the package works in the same manner as if the level 1 squares were unlocked by the conventional way.

The level 1 field squares have to be vapourised anew after a transformation. In order to be able to use the advantage, you should make sure every building site has a building, even if you simply start a construction order. If the maximum level of a building has already been reached, this advantage will have no effect.

If a building is still being constructed and is not yet finished, the level will be immediately increased by one and the progress percent will be carried over to the next level at a ratio of 1: In this case, you can also save even more as level 11 would cost more time and resources. However, if the building would reach its maximum level once upgraded, the upgrade is simply completed instantly.

This dreamy offer can only be redeemed once now. However, it becomes available again after each transformation. You can find it in the "Spend Rubies" window. If the package is available to you, if will appear at the top of the list. If you have already bought it and haven't transformed in the meantime, it will be moved to the bottom of the list; this allows you to see the advantages even afterwards.

Finally, we hope you have fun with the Dreamy Starter Package in Miramagia! Once you've reached level in the game you can transform; that means, ascend to a higher magical echelon. But the decision is yours. You'll then receive the following message in the game:. The High Council of Mages has confirmed that you are powerful enough to carry out the magical transformation and in doing so, strengthen the World Tree with this mighty ritual.

Use Teleportation to travel to the World Tree at the centre of the world, and use the Fountain of Eternal Youth in order to perform the ritual of magical transformation.

All your possessions that you have earned upon reaching level will be turned into Miragic when performing the ritual to strengthen the World Tree. Once enough magically-gifted people have performed the magical transformation ritual, the World Tree will level up and create new content in the world; content which is not available in any other world that has not reached the same World Tree level. By looking at the rune stones at the foot of the World Tree, you can see how much it has already been strengthened by Miragic.

The more glowing runes there are, the closer the World Tree is to reaching the next level. The mouse-over on the tree shows you when the tree will grow again.

You can find all the information about the transformation in the answers to the following questions. There's a whole host of advantages which come with transformations; the list grows a little longer with every update. In particular, some important extras exclusively for players that have transformed will be introduced in the upcoming updates. Here is the current list of reasons to perform a transformation:. Our aim was to create a mechanism in Miramagia which would prevent players from becoming more and more powerful.

Thanks to the transformation, even experienced Miramagians get into situations where they need help from their village inhabitants. Moreover, it's much more interesting to rapidly progress to the higher levels as a different class or by making use of new options, compared to simply reaching level within the same time instead.

This wouldn't unlock any more content either. We still have some work ahead of us for the future, particularly in allocating each class with special skills and different attributions. This is all being planned. Furthermore, the transformation avoids the situation where a village remains forever unbeatable, even if in practice it is difficult to beat a village with seven top-level players who don't transform. Play with the long-term goal in mind; patience is key!

You can win the weekly prize at the Wheel of Fortune, at the top of the village. This is possible right from character level 1. The weekly prize is a new way to win a prize, taking equal place alongside all the other prizes and giving the magical Wheel of Fortune a golden hourglass. Each spin of the wheel could, with a little luck, lead to you winning a weekly prize. It's no coincidence that an hourglass marks the weekly prize. In contrast to running prizes that are available continuously at the Wheel of Fortune, the weekly prize can only be won for a short period of time.

You have exactly one week to get this prize; it's announced on Monday at the Wheel of Fortune and Sunday is then the final chance to win it.

As soon as the current weekly prize expires on Sunday, it is replaced on the Monday by the next prize. It's therefore worthwhile to check often and use all the free spins for the prize too.

Incidentally, every weekly prize is unique and can not be won again later. However, it's possible to obtain a game advantage by other means, e. In these cases, the weekly prize adds to the effect. Decoration items, seating groups, hair styles etc. The weekly prize is really the only chance. Every weekly prize is unique. If you win it, you won't be able to win it again another time. The Wheel of Fortune will then visibly mark the weekly prize as "already received".

Of course, you can continue to win all the other "running prizes". On the next Monday, you'll then be able to spin for the weekly prize again, when the prize is announced at the Wheel of Fortune. Although the same weekly prize cannot be won repeatedly, once you have won it, you can keep it forever. Regardless of whether it's a seating group, a spell enhancement, a hair style or something else.

The weekly prize offers you a wide range of unusual prizes. Exotic seating groups, animated decoration items, impressive spell enhancements, mighty crystal sets and much more await you. As not everyone will have get these prizes, you'll have a real treasure in your hands. The Wheel of Fortune always shows you the prize and its effect before spinning; that way you won't miss out on the crucial details:.

Moreover, you can be quickly and fully informed via your mailbox; just look out for the golden hourglass symbol:. The game rules are an extension of the general terms and conditions.

In the event of a ban, or simply for checking what is and isn't allowed, the general terms and conditions should be read. Avoiding the game rules will be considered a violation and will be treated as such. All game rules also apply to players who are intending on deleting their account, or those who already have their account in the deletion phase.

Informiere Dich über die Sicherheitsfunktionen und Beschwerdemöglichkeiten im Spiel. Welche Regeln gibt es im Spiel und im Chat? Wo und bei wem kann ich mich beschweren? Wie kann ich andere Spieler ignorieren? Gib in Deinem Profil nur die notwendigen Daten an. Wähle ein sicheres Passwort und verrate es niemandem.

Du kennst Deinen Chat Partner nicht persönlich? Nehme Einstellungen vor, die Dich vor Fremden schützen. Achte beim Chatten darauf mit wem Du schreibst. Mache so wenig Angaben wie möglich über Dich selbst. Wenn Dich jemand nach persönlichen Sachen fragt, antworte am besten nicht. Sei freundlich und fair im Chat und verwende keine spöttischen Kommentare, keine Schimpfwörter oder Mobbing. Klicke nicht auf Links, die Dir von Fremden geschickt werden, es könnten gefährliche Seiten oder Viren sein.

Nehme keine Freundschaftsanfragen von Fremden an, damit sie Deine persönlichen Einstellungen nicht sehen können. Sei misstrauisch gegenüber Ansprachen von Fremden. Klicke nicht auf Links, die von Fremden geschickt werden. Treffe Dich nicht allein mit Fremden, die Du nur aus dem Internet kennst. Nimm Deine Eltern mit und treffe Dich nur auf öffentlichen Plätzen. Wenn andere mobben mache nicht mit, sondern melde sie beim Support. Lasse Dich nicht von Freunden oder Fremden beeinflussen und mache nichts, was Du nicht willst.

Wird ein Gespräch mit einem Fremden seltsam oder bekommst Du seltsame Nachrichten, brich die Unterhaltung ab und ignorier den Spieler. Du kannst auch einem Moderator Bescheid geben und dich beschweren. Nimm Rücksicht auf andere und beleidige niemanden.

Auch andere können sich beschweren und Du kannst Dich strafbar machen. Besprechen Sie mit Ihren Kindern die möglichen "Gefahren" im Spiel und wie sie darauf reagieren können. Vermitteln Sie Sicherheitsregeln für Ihre Kinder. Sie finden die Dokumente hier:. In Miramagia haben Sie die Möglichkeit einen Familienschutz zu aktivieren, um den öffentlichen Chat, die Chat Bubbles und private Nachrichten auszuschalten.

Kinder nehmen Anfeindungen und Belästigungen meist persönlich und trauen sich nicht über diese zu sprechen. Öffentliche Daten sind für alle anderen Spieler einsehbar, nicht-öffentliche Daten sind für niemanden einsehbar. Es sind auch private Unterhaltungen zwischen zwei Spielern möglich. Chat Bubbles sind Sprechblasen meines Avatars. Den beleidigenden Spieler können Sie ignorieren, in dem Sie auf den Avatar klicken und "Spieler ignorieren" im Menü auswählen. In der Freundesliste finden Sie alle befreundeten Spieler.

Mit einem Klick auf den Spieler können Sie diesen wieder von der Liste entfernen. Der Verein engagiert sich auch zukünftig für einen positiven Jugendmedienschutz sowie die Stärkung der Medienkompetenz von Kindern. Nummer gegen Kummer www. Nummer gegen Kummer e. Initiative Deutschland sicher im Netz www.

Welcome to Miramagia — a fantasy farm game Dive into a wonderful world full of magic in this free fantasy mmorpg. Learn powerful spells, grow colourful plants and raise your dragon! Miramagia is a free online fantasy browser game enjoyed by all age groups.

Join our fantastic community and be part of our online fantasy game! Play online for free now! Just send your application with the destination and your address to: By sending an application and a photo, the participant confirms and accepts the validity of these terms.

Participation is voluntary and free of charge. The offer is restricted to participants who are resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria or Switzerland. All those aged 14 or over at the time of sending their photo may participate.

There is no legal recourse. Course of events a. Each participant sends a short application in writing to the following address: The participant must provide both their real name and their Miramagia nickname as well as their Miramagia gameworld. Each month, one plush dragon is given away to one of the entries received within that month. The decision rests on a Miramagia jury following the aforementioned criteria. Each winner commits to sending a holiday photo of their plush dragon to the following address: The photo must not show any content glorifying violence, nor pornographic, discriminatory, racist, morally condemnable, religious or other forbidden content.

Moreover, no brands, copyright or other rights of third parties may be infringed upon in the photo. All suitable photos are published on the website www. The Miramagia nickname and Miramagia gameworld of the corresponding participant are also disclosed. The criteria for the decision are the interesting holiday destination and the authenticity of the entry. In the event of a draw, a lottery decides. The winner of the month is notified by email and must provide his postal address for the dispatch of the prize.

Prizes Each month, one Miramagia plush dragon worth approx. Teilnahmebedingungen lesen Das Miramagia Team freut sich auf viele schöne Einsendungen! Die Einzelheiten der Aktion richten sich nach den folgenden Bedingungen: Die Teilnahme ist freiwillig und kostenlos.

Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Ablauf Jeder Teilnehmer hat die Aufgabe, einen Songtext für ein potentielles Miramagia-Lied zu schreiben und an gewinnspiel miramagia. Dabei soll er sowohl seinen Klarnamen wie auch seinen Miramagia-Nickname und seine Miramagia-Spielwelt angeben. Der Song-Text darf keine gewalttätigen oder -verherrlichenden, pornografischen, diskriminierenden, rassistischen, moralisch verwerflichen, religiösen oder sonstige verbotene Inhalte haben.

Dabei werden auch der Miramagia-Nickname und die Miramagia-Spielwelt des entsprechenden Teilnehmers veröffentlicht. Eine Jury, bestehend aus mindestens drei Miramagia-Teammitgliedern, wird aus allen Einsendungen sechs 6 Texte auswählen und als Gewinner küren.

Im Falle eines Unentschieden entscheidet das Los. Die Gewinner werden bis zum Zusätzlich werden die Gewinner persönlich per E-Mail benachrichtigt und um die Mitteilung einer zustellungsfähigen Adresse gebeten, um den Gewinn zusenden zu können. Einsendeschluss Einsendeschluss ist der Preise Es werden ein erster Platz und fünf zweite Plätze ausgewählt. Eine Barauszahlung der Gewinne ist nicht möglich.

Die Rechteeinräumung gilt über das Gewinnspielende hinaus. Datenschutz Die Behandlung der überlassenen Daten erfolgt in Übereinstimmung mit den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen. Im Übrigen gilt die Datenschutzerklärung der Internetseite: Siegfried Müller Zurück zum Gewinnspiel. Fansite support If you'd like to design and run your own fansite for Miramagia, we'd be very happy. Magical adventures in botanical worlds A magical realm full of fantastic plants and creatures awaits you: Game Rules Here you will find the current game rules.

Contact Game Support If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact Support here. Forum In our Forum you will be able to chat with other players. Let's Play - support A 'Let's Play' is a digital video posted on YouTube or a similar platform, which shows a player playing a computer game. Guidelines for Let's Play videos. World selection Cone Bush online. Miramagia Companion The Miramagia Companion is exclusive to Android and the app you have long been waiting for!

You are now always able to use the following functions on-the-go with this application: Sowing, harvesting, watering, vapourising and much more. Rail Nation Build your railway empire in your browser! UnitedGP As the leader of your own racing team, you're responsible for all aspects of your team.

All News downtime 13th september Greetings Miramagicians I have received confirmation from the High Council that there is to be a downtime tomorrow for approximately 30 mins starting at 9: Overview - General The following overview shows you which game features are unlocked at which level. Level Effect 10 Mana trader: Overview - Plants The following table shows you at which level different plants become available and which zones they're best suited to.

Overview - Spell The following table shows you from which level you can learn a spell. Overview - Wonderful Starter Package Our package for beginners which we've named "Dreamy Starter Package" for its extensive content is also beneficial to experienced players. What exactly does that mean?

These are the advantages of the Dreamy Starter Package: Clears your field of level 1 obstructions. This automatic vapourisation saves time and resources; you need all the room you can get on your field for more plants, particularly at the lower levels. Thanks to faster growth, you can harvest much more over the same period of time. The current level of your existing buildings is instantly raised by 1, if possible. Saves time and resources - and much more at a high character level.

Cultivates the whole field with just one click. Joseph was quick to answer any questions I had as well. Makes a good base to see and do anything you want to in DC. Easy to find parking garages close to the building! This apartment is perfect if you want to be near the GW campus. We were a few blocks from our sons dorm and tons of retail and restaurants.

The apartment is very nicely done and clean and Joseph is attentive. We would definitely stay again. The apartment is exactly as described. Bright, clean, and equipped with everything you could need. The location is perfect- close to metro, grocery store, and restaurants. Joseph was a great host and very responsive to any questions. Alan ist ein überaus fürsorglicher und angenehmer Gastgeber. Es liegen Wegbeschreibungen, Restauranttipps, Gebrauchsanweisungen für alle elektronischen Geräte aus.

Auch kann man ihn bei Fragen jederzeit erreichen! Es ist alles vorhanden - von Fernseher bis zum Bügeleisen: Ideal auch wenn man länger bleiben will! Die Anbindung an die Metro ist super! Nur etwa m entfernt. Bei unserem nächsten Washingtonbesuch werden wir sofort wieder dort schlafen!

Wir danken Alan dass er uns einen so wunderbar angenehmen Aufenthalt ermöglicht hat! Alans Apartment ist für ein Trip nach Washington ideal. Es liegt im etwas tiefer gelegenen Erdgeschoss.

Die Wohnung ist gut gelegen, aber ruhig und in einer guten Nachbarschaft. Also alles und eigentlich noch mehr was man braucht. Im Schlafzimmer ist manchmal ein Rauschen von der Klimaanlage von der Wohnung darüber zu hören. Uns hat es nicht sonderlich gestört, aber ich wollte es dennoch benennen.

Für diejenigen, denen das zu laut ist, hat Alan Ohrenstöpsel bereit gelegt. Die Kommunikation mit Alan lief problemlos. Er hat vor unserer Reise eine lange Email mit allen Informationen geschickt, sodass wir ganz beruhigt in den Urlaub starten konnten. Wir haben bei Alan eine wunderbare Zeit verbracht und uns auch als Familie mit zwei kleinen Kindern sehr wohl gefühlt.

Alan ist sehr freundlich und stets erreichbar. Die örtlichen Gegebenheiten entsprechen absolut den Vermieterangaben. Wir hatten einen tollen Aufenthalt in Washington! Alans Wohnung ist komfortabel und modern eingerichtet. Die Lage ist absolut überzeugend. Alan haben wir leider nicht kennengelernt, aber er hat alles getan, dass wir uns wohlfühlen konnten.

Der Kontakt im Vorfeld und während des Aufenthalts war sehr unkompliziert. Die Nachbarschaft ist sehr freundlich und kommunikativ. Ganz in der Nähe der Wohnung gibt es viele gemütliche Bars. Wir hatten eine unvergessliche Zeit in Alan's Wohnung. Sie ist super gelegen und wunderschön eingerichtet. Sehr sauber und gepflegt. Es ist alles da was man braucht. Wir werden auf jeden Fall wiederkommen. Wir hatten die Unterkunft bei Allen schon recht früh gebucht und waren gespannt, was uns erwartet.

Wir waren total begeistert, die Wohnung liegt zentral, bis zu Metro ist es nicht weit. Die Nachbarschaft ist gut, es gibt kostenlose Parkplätze und die Wohnung ist spitze. Es ist alles da, im Grunde hätten wir durch die Waschmaschine, den Trockner viel weniger Gepäck benötigt.

Die Klimaanlage im Schlafzimmer rappelt zwar fast die ganze Nacht, aber es war nicht störend. Ansonsten ist die Wohnung für Personen perfekt. Man "lebt" dann halt in Washington. Alan ist immer für einen per Airbnb da. Die Ausflugsmöglichkeiten sind super und wir wären gerne länger geblieben.

Hier kann man auch länger buchen, es lohnt sich. Der Preis passt zu dem was man bekommt. Auch von der Lage im Souterrain sollte man sich nicht beirren lassen, es ist relativ kühl im Hochsommer und genügend Licht kommt durch die Fenster. Alans Wohnung ist jedenfalls unsere erste Anlaufstelle, wenn wir mal wieder nach Washington kommen. The place looks remodeled. Kitchen and bathroom is great with new equipment.

I am not from DC and I street parking messed with my plans. The place is advertised as street parking. What this really means is that you can only park your car there for 2 hours during the day. This is not a car friendly area. Bus stops couple blocks away. Overall, its a great little cozy spot. Grocery store 3 blocks away.

I had an issue with fire alarm. They took care of me. Great communication with Mayra!!!! Mayra offers very convenient and clean apartment with all basic amenities. The location is wonderful and she is very responsive to texts and communication. I recommend her for future guests! High value for money. I stayed in this apartment for three months. It is located in an exciting but quiet area, and is very close to a grocery store, the bus stop, and anything else you could need.

It is very well furnished and feels very safe. It has laundry machines in the building, that take quarters. Being in the basement, though, the apartment had a bug problem, especially in the summer: Mayra was quick to bring me bug poison and eventually called an exterminator for me, and I didn't have any major issues after that.

Overall, I enjoyed my time in this apartment and, thanks to its amazing location and comfortable furnishings, I would highly recommend it to anyone who can stand a few bugs. This apartment was just perfect - highly recommended. Mayra came by to bring some kitchen things and make sure everything was comfortable.

Very close to a supermarket and to Adams-Morgan neighborhood lots of restaurants but a couple of streets over, so it's quieter. Mayra was so cooperative, she was friendly and was flexible with some personal requirement.

This is not the first time I stay at Mayra's and it was a very nice stay, I recommend everyone to go for this choice, convenient place and area, close to the bus station and metro station, pharmacy, supermarket, coffee house, junk food, and restaurants, the neighborhood is very nice, and the area is quite.

Mayra was responsive and helpful when I had an issue with a letter being sent to me at the Airbnb by accident. It was a little pricey but likely due to the location. Die Wohnung war super sauber und ordentlich. Cliff war ein toller gastgeber und super hilfsbereit. Die Unterkunft im Basement ist für den begrenzten Raum optimal und sehr komfortabel eingerichtet, so dass man sich schnell wohl fühlt.

Man merkt dass hier mit gutem Geschmack und einem Händchen auch für die Kleinigkeiten eingerichtet wurde. Für unsere 4 Urlaubstage war alles bestens! Wichtig zu wissen ist aber sicher, dass man alle Geräusche aus der Wohnung drüber deutlich hört z.

Alles erträglich, aber Ohropax besser nicht vergessen. Cliffords Appartment ist schön, sauber und mit viel Liebe eingerichtet. Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt! Es war sehr einfach, mit der Metro in die Stadt zu gelangen und alle Angaben entsprachen der Realität. Leider haben wir Clifford nicht kennengelernt. Obwohl er nicht da war, als wir ankamen, verlief der Check-in reibungslos. Wir würden die Unterkunft jedem empfehlen, der Washington erkunden möchte.

Die Unterkunft war sauber, ordentlich und wie beschrieben. Es gab saubere Handtücher, Wasser im Kühlschrank und eine voll ausgestattete Wohnung. Wir haben Clifford leider nicht persönlich kennengelernt, aber mit der Schlüsselübergabe hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Das Appartment war mit sehr viel Liebe zum Detail eingerichtet. Zur Metro Station läuft man ca 15 Minuten.

Wir können das Appartment nur weiterempfehlen. Die Unterkunft war okay, aber ich war enttäuscht weil ich vorher so viele gute Bewertungen gelesen haben. Der Mülleimer war voll mit Müll als wir ankamen, im Bad lagen Haare und das Bett war bei Ankunft nicht gemacht, deshalb bin ich nicht sicher ob es frisch überzogen war. Vor Ort bekam ich auf manche meiner Nachrichten an Clifford einfach keine Antwort, zB wo wir den Schlüssel hinterlegen sollen oder wo wir die Koffer am letzten Tag unterbringen können.

Das hatte er uns vorab zugesichert aber da keine Antwort kam mussten wir sie den ganzen letzten Tag mitnehmen. Die Metro Station und vorallem der Flughafen sind weiter entfernt als ich es erwartet habe. Alles in allem habe ich mir viel mehr erwartet. Clifford's place was delightful! The style and feel was of a boutique hotel. Check in was flexible and the coffee machine was a welcome amenity. Not the best location for sight-seeing, but not too far from a great brewery and a metro stop. Cliffords listing is exactly as it was advertised.

Very clean comfortable and stylish. Clifford very helpful before and during our visit. This was by far the best experience I've had using Airbnb. The neighborhood was quiet with a ton of shops and restaurants. Clifford was an amazing host! The apt was beautiful, clean and had everything you need for a great stay. I would definitely recommend staying here if you plan to visit the D.

Gemütliche Wohnung mit allem was man, auch für einen längeren Aufenthalt benötigt. Man hat in der Wohnung sehr viel Platz. Wir bekamen bereits vorab eine sehr gut Beschreibung zur Anreise und der Wohnung. Der Gastgeber war sehr freundlich. Ein sehr freundlicher Vermieter eines sehr gut ausgestatteten Appartements. Wir waren sehr zufrieden!!!

Eateries and bars very close. Rental bikes close and fun. We felt that Marc's place is perfect for location and affordability.

Hosts like Marc are the reason Airbnb is such an incredible community. The place was clean, spacious, comfortable, and easily accessible. Parking on the street was a breeze, but my friend and I were able to walk to nearly all of the sites we were interested in seeing. Marc was quick and thorough in responses and quite accommodating. I recommend checking out Busboys and Poets as well as Big Bear Cafe both walkable from the basement apartment.

Would absolutely recommend and wish I was staying again! The apartment was great - very comfortable, clean and spacious. Marc is a great host - we had everything we needed. He's very open and positive person with wonderful dauthers. We'd love to stay there again! Marc was a very attentif host.

He facilitated us our arrival, he was present the first day to show us all the commodities of the appartement. The place was conform to our expectations, I was looking for a place with two separated rooms to accommodate all of us, and that was perfect. We could find in site almost everything that you could need, at least the basic things its the first time that Marc rent this place so I supposed in terms of furniture this will change with the time. But if we need something in particular we could contact Marc who was very disposal to help us.

The place is not far from the city center even if you will need a car or to take the bus to go , is calm and very safe. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Marc's apartment! The apartment was easy to find and was stocked with everything we might need! We loved the neighborhood and convenient location to many of the DC attractions! Marc was a great host, and we highly recommend his place! Marc's place is very spacious and well equipped with all basics to prepare food and organize your stuff.

Lots of furniture to relax outside the bedroom. The location is nice, we chose to do a min walk to the metro which worked well for us. The neighborhood seems to be safe and quiet. Overall good value for visiting DC. Die wenigen Tage die ich dort verbringen durfte waren sehr schön.

Das Zimmer und Bad ist sehr sauber. Ich habe leider Heather nicht kennengelernt jedoch konnte ich Arliss kennenlernen. Sie ist sehr freundliche und hilfsbereit, wenn ich Fragen hatte, probierte sie diese zu beantworten. Ich kann dieses Airbnb nur weiterempfehlen. Die Unterkunft ist sehr nett und freundlich; sie entspricht ziemlich genau dem, was in der Beschreibung steht.

Das Zimmer ist ruhig und selbst in der stickigen und schwülen Sommerwitterung in DC angenehm temperiert. Im Baum vor dem Fenster kann man mit etwas Glück Eichhörnchen spielen sehen.

Auch wenn diese Nachbarschaft nicht ganz so schick ist wie andere Ecken in der Gegend habe ich mich dort auch abends sicher gefühlt. Heather war die perfekte Gastgeberin, hat uns bei Fragen zur Seite gestanden, aber auch Freiraum gelassen. Kleines Frühstück und Tee, Wasser stand immer zur Verfügung. Obwohl wir Heather nicht persönlich kennengelernt haben,lief die Kommunikation super.

Sehr nett in Empfang genommen haben uns ihre Mum und Cherio: Alles in allem ein toller Aufenthalt und nur zu empfehlen! Wir genossen unseren Aufenthalt bei Heather sehr! Sie half uns gleich zu Beginn die wichtigsten Örtlichkeiten zu finden!

Es ist alles sehr sauber! Heather ist eine liebenswerte, freundliche Person! Wir waren 3 Tage bei Heather. Sie war zu diesem Zeitpunkt auf Reisen, weshalb ihre Tochter Arliss und ihr Mann uns empfangen haben.

Alles hat super geklappt. Das Zimmer ist geräumig und stilvoll eingerichtet. Es war sauber und wir haben auch Frühstück bekommen. Insgesamt haben wir uns sehr wohl gefühlt. Zudem ist die Lage sehr gut und man ist mit dem Fahrrad oder der Metro schnell am Capitol. Hello everybody, my girlfriend an I enjoyed four days at this beautiful apartment. The arrival was very uncomplicated. It is near to a subway station, and you will get access even if Heather is still working. If you enter the apartment you will see aesthetically furnished and clean rooms and you will be welcomed by a beautiful cat.

You have also access to a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. Heather herself is a friendly, communicative person who also has a very interesting job, but she will as well give you your privacy if you want.

We especially enjoyed the breakfast she provided every morning and the bed which was not too soft nor too hard, simply perfect. We can strongly recommend this place to everyone because it has a fantastic price-performance ratio and especially for those who like having a cat around you But you can keep the cat outside of your room if you want.

Finally, we wanna thank Heather for the amazing time we could spend in Washington and we wish you the best! Heather was such a lovely host! So easy to communicate with before hand. The room was very clean and the bed was so comfortable. We loved our stay, the ease of parking, and sweet Cheerio! Will definitely stay here again if we return to DC. Wir hatten drei schöne Tage in Shauns Haus. Unser Zimmer war sehr schön und sauber. Das Bad ist etwas klein und man teilt es sich mit anderen.

Wir hatten aber nie Probleme. Shaun ist sehr nett und hat uns gute Tipps gegeben. Das Einchecken ist problemlos. Shaun war ein netter hilfsbereiter Gastgeber, welcher auf unsere Anliegen und Fragen eingegangen ist. Wir haben uns während unseres Aufenthaltes bei ihm sehr wohl gefühlt. Super Zimmer in schönem Haus. Die Küche beinhaltet alle Dinge und Geräte die man zum kochen braucht. Shaun selber ist unglaublich sympathisch und nett und hat uns einige gute Tipps gegeben.

Trotz der etwas dezentralen Lage absolut empfehlenswert und durch Metro und Streetcars gratis gut erreichbar. Diese Unterkunft liegt in einer ruhigen und sauberen Wohnsiedlung. Kostenlose Parkplätze sind ausreichend in der gesamten Nachbarschaft vorhanden. Handtücher, Bügelbrett und Bügeleisen wurden bereitgestellt und das Zimmer mit einem Ventilator ausgestattet.

Wir haben die Zeit bei Shaun sehr genossen. Morgens haben wir uns lange unterhalten, aber genau so hat er unsere Privataphäre respektiert. Shaun hat uns für DC viele Tipps gegeben. Das Zimmer war sehr sauber und das Haus hatte alles, was man so braucht. In der Nähe des Hauses ca. Ansonsten gibt es auch für wenig Geld die Capital Bikes um die Ecke. Alles in allem ein toller Aufenthalt! Shaun war ein freundlicher und netter Gastgeber. Die Kommunikation war einfach und problemlos.

Alle Räume in der Wohnung standen zur freien Verfügung. Die Zimmer waren alle sauber und geräumig. Mit dem Fahrrad ist man innerhalb von Minuten direkt am Capitol. Es war ein schöner und lehrreicher Aufenthalt in einer schönen Wohnung. Shaun ist ein freundlicher, aufgeschlossener Gastgeber. Sein Haus ist sauber und die Küche lädt zum Kochen ein.

Supermärkte befinden sich nicht im näheren Umkreis. Die Parksituation für Autofahrer ist allerdings super. Sehr schön eingerichtetes Zimmer für einen gemütlichen Aufenthalt.

Anbindung mit dem Bus in die Innenstadt ist vorhanden und in Laufnähe. Super schnelles Antworten auf Fragen! Alles wie beschrieben, die vorherigen positiven Bewertungen kann ich nachvollziehen und bestätigen. Sie gab mir sogar keine kleine private Tour mit ihrem Auto durch die City. Sehr kommunikativ und freundlich! Das Zimmer war geräumig und komfortabel, die sehr schöne Wohnung sauber, hell, und gut mit dem Auto zu erreichen -- auch in die Innenstadt kommt man schnell.

Synta was a great host and the accomodations were very nice. Synta met me at the Metro to escort me to her place the day I arrived and she was even kind enough to show me around the area and offer me rides.

This was perfect for me--a single traveler on a budget, looking for a clean and welcoming place to stay in the city. My first time to DC in years and she helped me figure out the city and shared her knowledge about restaurants and attractions. The house was also amazing and well kept. Would deff recommend renting with synta! Very nice host, great house, super clean, picked me up at the Airport, showed me the town by bike, gave me a bike for a whole Weekend and got me the breakfast I like most.

Synta was very welcoming! She covers every detail! As We were coming into town she sent me a message with events going on that day near by. Her house was very clean and well organized. One of the best Airbnb houses I've stayed at so far!

Synta went above and beyond! All other hygiene factors have been well commented by other guests so I can safely skip. What can I say about Synta - her Super-Host status sums it up, with all the fab reviews! She ensured I received a detailed guide to DC with navigational tips, places of interest etc. Had I known about Synta earlier, I would have extended my stay to include a night drive-past by the White House, may be an excuse for visiting next time: Synta is an amazing host who went above and beyond to make my stay enjoyable.

Her home has easy access to the National Mall area of DC along the metro and she has created an exceptionally cozy place to stay. Synta's place is well worth the value and she is a wonderful person to get to know. Janine war perfekt, eine sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Gastgeberin. Sie hat alles getan, damit wir uns wohlfühlen. Das Haus ist echt ein Schmuckstück mit gemütlchem Garten und sympatischen und lustigen Nachbarn.

Ich und meine Tochter haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt und würden sofort wieder bei Janine buchen. Sie war sehr hilfsbereit, als unser Flug Verspätung hatte holte sie uns nachts sogar vom Flughafen. Das Haus war sauber, unser Zimmer gemütlich und der Kaffee am Morgen super. Unser nächster Aufenthalt in Washington wird sicher bei Janine sein. Vielen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft - es war eine tolle Zeit. Drei Nächte haben wir zu zweit bei Janine übernachtet und haben uns sehr wohl und rundum umsorgt gefühlt.

Unser Zimmer war sehr gemütlich mit einem eigenen Eingang, was wir auch ganz nett fanden. Janines Unterkunft können wir einfach nur weiterempfehlen! Auch die Nachbarschaft hat einen guten Eindruck auf uns gemacht. Janine is a terrific person. She is very personable and willing to work with the guest.

Her place is nice and close to a lot of events. Our stay at Janine's was wonderful! She greeted us with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, introduced us to her two cats and made us feel at home right away. Her place is very eclectic and reminds me of pages from an "I Spy" book - it's fun to discover all of the interesting things she has stowed in the nooks and crannies of her lovely, cozy bungalow.

I would definitely recommend her place to DC and Baltimore travelers looking for a convenient, comfortable place to stay. Wir sind von Sherrys Wohnung total begeistert. Das Einzige was uns nicht ganz so zugesagt hat, ist, dass es lediglich Plastikgeschirr und -besteck gab.

Eine Bahnhaltestelle ist direkt vor der Tür. Thank you for having us. We had a great time and the house is in a fun neighbourhood. There was lots of food and it was close to transport. A clean and comfortable private room with private bathroom for the price is a good deal in that location of the city. Room was very clean and ideal. Check-in and Check out was smooth and well organized. Sherry was a great host and promptly replies to any queries. All details provided in the listing is accurate.

There's even a coffee maker in the room! The table in the picture seems old pbly an old picture. What I had in the room was a polished new table. Had a pleasant stay! This was my first Airbnb experience and it was a pretty good start. I only interacted with Sherry and Joseph for a few minutes upon arrival and again for a few minutes in the morning when Sherry brought me breakfast Sherry was courteous and welcoming. The rest of the time we communicated via text; Sherry apparently sleeps less than me - she would answer my texts almost immediately regardless of what time of day they were sent!

The key here is location While the room isn't luxurious which I didn't expect , it was a reasonable size, clean and adequately furnished. It has a comfortable bed, fast wifi 16 Mbs up and down if I recall correctly , a private bathroom and shared kitchen space making it perfect for my needs. At first I was a bit concerned about the bed as it had a thin mattress and was pretty hard The room is in a daylight basement but there was plenty of light and it was clean and airy with very good egress - it didn't have that dank basement feel at all.

Overall it was a positive experience and I'd return if I needed a centrally located place to stay in DC without needing to rob a bank first. Within walking distance of a trendy area, but not too far from downtown. The value was great for the size of our room. Also, go to Compass coffee! The bedroom was perfect for three, the private bathroom was a huge plus.

Shoutout to the sofa bed, super comfortable and surprisingly big! Overall, an awesome stay for a quick trip to DC. Ricardo und Yander sind sehr zuvorkommend. Neben einem super leckeren handgemachten Kaffee und Tipps für meine weitere Reise habe ich ein wirklich schönes Zuhause gehabt.

Die Wohnung ist neu und mit Liebe zum Detail eingerichtet und sehr sauber. Das Zimmer ist klein, aber fein: Als besonderes Schmankerl sehe ich den Balkon. Hier kann man relaxen und hat einen schönen Blick auf DC. Ich würde jederzeit gerne wieder bei Ricardo und Yander wohnen: Ricardos Unterkunft ist spitze: Gerne wieder und sehr zu empfehlen! Ich war einige Tage zu Gast bei Ricardo und es war super. Die Wohnung liegt in einem schicken Neubau; der check-in war unkompliziert.

Besonders die Lage is gut: Zu allen anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten kann man ebenfalls entweder laufen oder kurz mit der Metro fahren die nur 2 min. Ich kann das Zimmer sehr empfehlen. Ricardos Unterkunft hat mir sehr gefallen, ich hab mich sofort wohlgefühlt: Zimmer ist gemütlich, alles sauber, für Handtücher und Cityplan ist gesorgt. Hat alles wunderbar geklappt von der ersten Kommunikation an. Super netter Gastgeber - jederzeit gerne wieder! Die National Mall und damit die meisten Sehenswürdigkeiten sind ca.

Das Schlafzimmer ist dafür relativ klein, allerdings gibt es im Eingangsbereich der Wohnung Extra-Platz für sperrige Koffer. Ricardo ist ein absolut angenehmer Gastgeber und war mir vor meiner Weiterreise noch mit einigen exklusiven Tipps für New York behilflich. The bed is so comfortable and soft, like sleeping on a cloud. You share the bathroom, but I was never rushed to get out. Great location, easy to get in and out and find the place. There's a cute little private balcony, which would be perfect for looking over the view with a hot cup of tea.

Giant bathroom, gas stove and Ricardo is a dear. Instantly felt like we were friends and was completely comfortable chatting. What an easy stay Ricardo is a great host and his apartment is lovely. GREAT place to stay if business takes you to Convention Center but is only minutes away on foot to tons of restaurants and shops.

Die Unterkunft ist sehr schön im Hinterhof des Hauses und daher sehr ruhig. Sarah ist eine sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Gastgeberin.

Alles ist sehr sauber. Stabiles Internet, Klimaanlage, Waschmaschine und Trockner. Die Sehenswürdigkeiten sind gut zu erreichen. Der Aufenthalt bei Sarah war super!

Sie war super hilfsbereit und sehr nett. Die Klimaanlage steht allerdings im Keller und ist manchmal recht laut. Nichts für empfindliche Ohren. Das ist auch das einzige was man beachten muss. Bushaltestelle direkt vor der Tür, von da geht's ohne umsteigen direkt zum Bahnhof und Capitol.

Das Apartment war sehr sauber. Man kann den Parkplatz am Haus benutzen, was viel Parkgebühren spart. Die Ausstattung ist sehr durchgedacht. Man hat wirklich alles Nötige da. Nur die Klimaanlage war ziemlich laut. Sonst war alles super.

Die Kommunikation mit Sarah war sehr einfach und schnell. Der Check-in und Check-out hat problemlos über ein Anhängeschloss an der Tür funktioniert. Das war sehr komfortabel, da wir später in der Nacht angekommen sind.

Die Wohnung ist sehr nett eingerichtet, sauber und hat alle was man braucht. Es war sogar ein bisschen Essen da, was uns sehr gefreut hat, da wir hungrig in der Nacht ankamen. Ich kann die Wohnung sehr weiterempfehlen.

Really enjoyed our stay. Sarah was really attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. Easy to get to bars and restaurants. Laura hat die kleine Ferienwohnung liebevoll eingerichtet und auf Details geachtet.

Teller und Schüsseln sind vorhanden. Wir haben uns sogar mal Essen mit der Mikrowelle zubereitet. Kommunikation war perfekt, Laura hat uns immer sofort geantwortet. Vielen Dank, wir empfehlen es jedem weiter. I could not have imagined a better place to stay than at Laura's. She's a fantastic host who truly provides a wonderful, warm and comfortable environment for her guests. From the apartment space itself down to the details of decor, I absolutely loved staying at Laura's.

She truly makes you feel welcome in her home. The neighborhood is safe and central to everything you need. The apartment space is very clean and spacious.

It was a fantastic private space to relax in during my trip. Thanks so much Laura for making me feel at home! Laura's place was a great place to stay while in DC. The space was private and has all the amenities one should need.

There is a private entry and space for parking. The bus was available within a block and takes you to the metro station. I would suggest getting the unlimited bus and rail pass which would allow you to get virtually anywhere. The neighborhood was safe and secure we walked it at all times of the day and night with no problems. Laura's place is a great way to see DC without the expensive downtown rates. We would definitely recommend it and stay here again when we return to DC. We really enjoyed our stay at Laura's!

Very comfortable and clean! Laura was very helpful and easy to communicate with! We had everything we needed and more! Laura is a great host. Her place is clean, quiet and very close to downtown D.

We expected a private room but it was more like a small apartment. The bed is comfortable and the shower is great. She even provided two bottles of water, fresh towels, toothpaste and shampoo. Me and my partner would definitely recommend booking with her. Laura's place is beautiful and cozy! It has all the amenities you need. There is a Walmart about 10 minutes away for you to get all the supplies you need. The neighborhood is quiet and safe to walk.

You would be at walking distance around 10 to 15 minutes away from the red line Takoma metro station, but if you don't feel like walking the metro bus stops just around the corner. Laura is an awesome host, always available and quick to respond. If you are looking for a private place on a quiet neighborhood close to DC this is the best place you can get.

I stayed at Laura's with my son and my niece 8 and Everything was great; the shower, the air, and Laura's hospitality. I would definitely recommend staying there. It's close to vegan and vegetarian restaurants walking distance. The Red line Metro connects to everything and is very convenient for seeing the sights. All was perfect from de first contact with Laura till the check out.

The place is great, just renovated, clean and the bed is amazing. Communication with Laura is good and she is very arranging. I definitly recommend this place for a short or long stay in DC. It was spotless clean and extremely cozy. We especially enjoyed the comfortable bed and private bathroom. Gustavo was very responsive and always there to help. Andy is of course the best dog and we loved his company. Concerning the location it is 15 mins walk to the Subway station and the Red line takes u to the main spots in town.

Gustavo is an awesome host. Had everything set up for our stay. The sunflowers on the dining table were a great touch.

Andy being the doggo of course! The whole space is beautifully stylish, modern, comfortable, clean, and Gustavo has made the room truly feel welcoming, and soooo comfortable. Gustavo is also such a warm and welcoming soul. He welcomed me there himself and gave me a tour, and made sure to be available if I ever needed anything. The little welcoming touches everywhere were just lovely. He is very kind and helpful.

I would definitely stay at his place again. Best Airbnb stay to date! Gustavo was welcoming, helpful and an all-around great host. We would stay again in a heartbeat!

Gustavo's home is super comfortable, clean and homely. Gustavo is a great host and made me feel very welcome. Gustavo was very welcoming and made himself available if I needed anything.

Would recommend staying here again. Melissa war sehr zuvorkommend und freundlich. Sie hat uns ihre Waschmaschine und ihren Trockner unentgeltlich zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Haus und das Zimmer waren sehr sauber.

Hatten eine sehr gute Zeit. We had a wonderful stay at Melissa's. She's incredibly attentive and accommodating and the house is lovely! Melissa was not only a great host but as a local she gave lots of tips, trips, and shortcuts to navigate the city. The room was a perfect size for people.

She made sure we had everything we needed, if not more. By far the nicest host we've encountered. If we are ever back in DC we definitely will stay with her again. Thanks Melissa for everything!

Hurley was the cutest and sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Melissa has been a wonderful Airbnb host! The communication went super smooth and she provided help whenever she could. The room was very cosy and neat. Melissa even had some bottles of water for us stored in the room. Besides her dog Hurley was super cute.

I can only recommend staying at Melissa's. I was so happy to enjoy my stay by communicating Melissa and her dog. The dog is very familiar with me, just like his best friend. So I was so sad not to say goodbye on purpose because he would feel much lonely if I did it.

Anyway, I strongly recommend this stay to all of dog-fun visitors! Melissa was extremely welcoming and kind. I appreciated her easy-going attitude and helpfulness. Her dog was adorable! The area was quiet and peaceful. Definitely worth if you're looking for a relaxing time!

Es un lugar seguro: No genera un inconveniente mayor, pero vale la pena mencionarlo. The apartment is a bit small but with all the things needed in order to have a successful vacation. It's a safe place: It's a clean room: One interesting fact is since we arrived a couple of hours before check in time Sherry offer us the chance of leaving our luggage in an external storage outside the building.

Despite the fact that it seemed very vulnerable we had no problems with it, and it gave us more time to enjoy time the city. However, since it's placed next to the basement entrance you are more affected to other guests' activities at least there is another basement the room with which you share the fridge and kitchen.

It wasn't a big deal, but it's worth a mention. This was a standard basement partment setup, nothing too exceptional. My entry combo didn't initially work but the host responded instantly to my communications and I had no issues with the lock for the rest of my trip. The price was rather steepI could have stayed in perhaps a larger or more modern room at a hotel for the same price, though I didn't mind.

The location near the Metro was excellent. Super clean, queen bed, private bathroom and desk to work. What more does one need? Sherry's place is great for a quick weekend in DC.

It is very close to a metro stop and a quick walk to the Shaw neighborhood for dinner or drinks. Thanks for the stay Sherry! But the most amazing thing is the location.

Less than a block from subway. Next to the amazing Shaw and U neighborhoods. Sehr schöne Wohnung mit wirklich allem was man braucht. Wir waren mit dem Auto unterwegs, daher war der Parkplatz am Haus sehr praktisch. Alles war sauber und gemütlich eingerichtet. Wir können die Unterkunft wärmstens empfehlen! Michelle made us feel right at home with her friendly welcome! She was very attentive during our stay! Her place is very clean, spacious and organized; the private basement also has plenty of entertainment with books and Netflix: This place was amazing.

Everything was fully stocked. I would definitely stay again. Michelle's home is very cozy and comfortable to stay for any duration of time. The surrounding area is a bit off-putting but we never had any problems. We arrived late at night after a concert and didn't have any worries. We'd definitely recommend her place to our friends: Very clean and very comfortable!

Only a short uber ride to the city. Definitely would stay here again! Michelle was a great host, very friendly and took care of our needs. The place was comfortable. My only 2 complaints are we had to change the bed sheet on the mattress.