McCulloch M105-77X Instruction Manual

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For Viking ship terms , click here. For Viking runes , click here. Culdee, name for the Irish anchorites said to be in Iceland when the first Norse settlers arrived; monk Irish monk , pope, priest m. Draupnir, dripper, a gold ring possessed by Odin with the ability to multiply itself. Fafnir, a son of Hreidmar who turns himself into a dragon, brother of Regin m.

Gangleri personal name, mythlogical , Wanderer, the false name adopted by the Swedish king Gylfi. Ginnungagap, the yawning or gaping void, the primeval void from which the world was created f. Gjallarhorn, Yelling Horn, the horn blown by the god Heimdall to announce the beginning of Ragnarok. Assurez-vous queste istruzioni con attenzione ed ac- them before using this ma chine.

In order to prevent ac ci den tal Slopes are a major factor related to loss of control and tip-over starting when setting up, trans port ing, ad j Haal altijd de zich kan ophopen en de hete uitlaat of motoronderdelen kan bougiekabel los en leg de kabel op Complies with the provisions and current amendments of the Directives and Standards shown in the product perfor- MX mance chart.

These symbols may appear on your machine or in the literature supplied with the product. Learn and understand their meaning. Bitte machen Sie sich mit deren Bedeutung vertraut. Ces symboles peuvent figurer sur tracteur ou dans les publications fournies avec le produit.

Ces symboles peuvent se montrer sur votre machine ou dans les publications fournies avec le produit. Gas und Kaltstarthebel 2. Brake and Clutch Pedal 2. Brems- und Kupplungspedal 3. Emplacement des commandes Posizioni dei comandi 1. Commande des gaz et starter 1. Levier de commande de la transmission 3. Leva del cambio 4.

If the lever is in its forward position the choke function is con nect ed. Brake and Clutch Pedal When the pedal is pushed down the brake is applied and the motor is disengaged. Gleichzeitig wird der Motor ausgekuppelt und das Fahrzeug rollt aus.

Cerradura de encendido There are four different positions for the ignition key: Hay cuatro tipos de posiciones diferentes para la llave de contacto: All electric current bro ken. Frein de stationnement Pour enclencher le frein de stationnement: Oil level Nivel de aceite The combined oil refilling cap and the oil stick is ac ces si ble La tapa combinada para el llenado de aceite y para la varilla when the bonnet is lifted for wards.

Push the gas control up to end positon choke Bei kaltem Motor: Gashebel in die Endstellung choke schieben. Avec un moteur froid: Driving Lower the mower deck by moving the height adjustment lever 1 forward. Engage mower blade by moving the deck clutch lever 2 forward. Choose a driving speed which suits the terrain and required cutting results.

Switching off the engine Move the deck clutch lever to disengaged position. Move the throttle control between half and full speed fast position. Abschalten des Motors Kuppeln Sie das Mähdeck aus. Bewegen Sie die Gassteuerung auf die fixe Position zwischen halber und voller Geschwin- digkeit.

Wartung Instandhaltung , Einstel- lung. Before servicing the engine or cutting unit the fol low ing shall Antes de llevar a cabo el mantenimiento del motor o de la be carried out: Disconnect spark plug wire to prevent ac ci- venir el arranque accidental antes de llevar a cabo tareas de If your riding mower does not function as described, repair the problem immediately. Die Einstellung Ihres Adjust the mower while riding mower is parked on level ground Mähers ist nicht möglich, wenn der Reifendruck zu hoch or driveway.

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