Top 5 Canadian Penny Stocks to Watch in 2015

An active dividend and growth investor, Dan has been involved with the website since its inception. Personal Income uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Those risk-averse investors looking for the best Canadian penny stocks in may want to consider penny stocks that operate outside of volatile sectors like energy and mining.

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As such, further due diligence by every investor is highly recommended and these trade ideas should not be construed as investment advice, rather investment ideas worth a closer examination.

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The information contained on the BullishInvestor. The information found on the BullishInvestor. Viewing this website constitutes your acceptance of the BullishInvestor. Friday, January 25, First time and seasoned cannabis stock investors are clamoring to figure out the entry point that is going to give them the best bang for their buck. The thing is, marijuana penny stocks can be an investment of equal parts risk and reward. With all of the hype surrounding penny pot stocks, it is essential that potential investors know exactly into what they are diving.

Here is all you need to know about marijuana penny stocks. Like all stocks, they give investors equity in the business.

This form allows the company to leave out detailed information about the business including data and some financial information, generally leaving investors in the dark.

This is where the risk comes in but more about that in a minute. Marijuana penny stocks are not just stocks that are valued in pennies, despite the misleading name. They are defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission as stocks that trade for less than five dollars.

MNST have been traded as penny stocks. As far as pot stocks are concerned, some companies that started as penny stocks have managed to become major players in the industry. All of them have found their success as publicly traded companies in Canada.

The United States stock market has been a bit cold toward pot stocks in general due to federal prohibition. Investors would be hard-pressed to find marijuana stocks traded in America, and it is even more difficult to find cannabis penny stocks in the market.

Americans are turning to their neighbors in Canada to invest in marijuana-related stocks. Canada has been a very good friend to the cannabis industry.

It is estimated that there are 90 cannabis companies that are publicly traded in Canada. With all of those options, it makes sense that Americans and people around the world are looking to purchase marijuana penny stocks on the Canadian exchanges.

While the Canadian cannabis market may be intriguing for investors due to the number of marijuana stock options available, investors outside of Canada may have difficulty purchasing penny pot stocks.

Investors must make sure that their broker supports trades on international markets. Another way investors are purchasing marijuana penny stocks is through the Over-the-Counter market also known as OTC.

This option is perfect for marijuana penny stocks because it requires less oversight and regulations for companies. Pink sheets listed companies are private and have very little oversight while Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board listed companies follow more stringent rules because they are owned and operated by NASDAQ.

Marijuana penny stocks are alluring.