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Günthner Research Interests Materials handling, material flow, logistic. So many things such as the friendship with the people there, the knowledge attained there and the unique experience, I treasure. The quality of teaching is also excellent, a fact that is evident when communicating and working with students on research projects of all sorts. I plan to return in the near future and hope for many years of collaboration with people at TUM.

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The centre will create jobs in the field of digitalization, and will improve the country's rail infrastructure. Hydrogen has a range of potential applications and could play a significant role in Australia's future energy mix. Please use another Browser It looks like you are using a browser that is not fully supported.

For the best experience we suggest that you download the newest version of a supported browser: Please allow JavaScript This page requires JavaScript in order to be fully functional and displayed correctly. How to enable JavaScript. Go to Siemens Global Website. Start transforming your data into productive business results. The fine art of efficiency. Railigent turns data into value. Improving Australia's rail infrastructure. Stay at TUM Jan. People are very helping and caring, especially in my Lab and at TUM welcome centre.

They try to help you at every possible step. I expect alot of learning from the scientific as well as cultural point of view here in Munich. It is a wonderful and very liveable city. The experience at TUM was very stimulating and valuable.

I hope it will be the starting point for strong collaborations in the future. Stay at TUM Mar. Stay at TUM Aug. This is my first stay outside my home country and where native language is different than mine.

I was skeptical initially but there are many people who are always present to help the international researchers. My experience in Munich is really wonderful. Most interestingly, the location of Munich is amazingly perfect! It is situated few kilometers from beautiful mountains and lakes as well as it is surrounded by beautiful cities like Vienna, Prague, Venice etc…….

Still, TUM managed to exceed all my already high expectations. Here I found the ideal work environment and had the pleasure to work and connect with top scientists in my field. The quality of teaching is also excellent, a fact that is evident when communicating and working with students on research projects of all sorts.

Put into simple words, working at TUM is an experience I am extremely proud of. Michael Bader Research Interests Earthquake seismology, Earthquake physics, Simulation-based seismic hazard assessment. I have experienced a stimulating scientific exchange at all levels. Fritz Busch Research Interests Connected Vehicles, C2X communications, traffic safety technology, road safety big data analysis, sustainable traffic operations and control Current Research Projects Hochautomatisiertes Fahren Verkehrliche Wirkungspotenziale.

This colorful and powerful research environment is why I applied for the research position at TUM after my Ph. Stay at TUM Sept. Both the TUM and the LMU offer a number of interesting opportunities and the level of staff members and visitors is very high. Munich is a family frieldly city, but also exciting and lively.

Stay at TUM Apr. I had a great experience to remember in term of hospitality, research interaction within the production and supply chain management group. It was a privilege for me to also discuss various research problems and teaching related issue with Professor Rainer, Professor Renzo, Professor Holly and other researchers in the school.

I hope to meet them again in Munich or any other part of the world. I enjoy the time with my professors and colleagues who are always very friendly. The scientific environment is vibrating and the university has provided me with full support to reach my goals. Herrmann has been a key element in my scientific career.

Stay at TUM Nov. My studies during the doctoral period were focused on ruminant animal nutrition. I believe that theChair of Animal Nutrition at WZW in Freising is one of the few Chairs in Germany and in the world with such well equipped laboratories and animal husbandry units. It was a wonderful experience to witness the team spirit at the Lehrstuhl. I enjoyed the classes I taught and the conversations I had with students about the subject matter of the classes but also about their interests, concerns, and future objectives.

I interacted strongly with the Kuehn catalysis group to develop new ideas and cement our joint research activities, and built up new relationships with other researchers in the department. I was able to deliver a lecture to the masters students on aspects of chemistry they were not familiar with, and am hopeful that at least one of these students will spend time in my labs in Edinburgh for their Diploma studies.

Carlo Bottasso, Wind Energy Institute Research Interests Multibody dynamics, Aero-mechanical comprehensive modeling, structural dynamics, composites materials and structures Current Research Projects Rotorcraft comprehensive modeling, Development of Motion formalism for multibody dynamics. The staff and students are very friendly, and the work is of the highest quality. It is an honour to be here as a Visiting Professor, and I hope the friendships built will be the basis of many collaborations in the future.

The opportunity to work at TUM is a highight of my career….. Culturally, I came to know deeper the German and Bavarian culture. Academically, I could get involved in a number of research collaborations of high scientific value.

With Prof Lindemann I jointly organized an international workshop that led to a book edited jointly by us. It will be published by Springer-Verlag.

I also delivered a series of lectures on a design research methodology to research students at the Institute for Product Development at Dept of Mechanical Engineering. Two students of TUM subsequently visited my Laboratory in India and did joint research leading to writing joint, peer-reviewed papers. Prof Lindemann has been an excellent host, and I am grateful to him and his students, as well as the various departments of TUM for providing me a home away from home!

Friedrich Wagner Research Interests Electronic processes in condensed matter, Various oxide structures: Stays at TUM Sept. We successfully observed the highest resolution spectrum in the world.

They found an apartment for us that was ideally located, as well as a preschool for my daughter which she loved. The intellectual climate of the School of Education was exactly the environment I hoped to find on my sabbatical. I connected with old colleagues and met many new ones, and initiated several new writing projects while also moving forward my own work.

My only regret is that I was unable to stay for the entire year, but I hope to on my next sabbatical. Stay at TUM Oct. The experience was really nice for me. I attended some classes and excursions with students. I still have contacts with Prof. Pauleit, who was my colleague at that time. It is indeed very good for me being familiar with Germany, TUM, department, and colleagues.

It has enabled me to access the many research facilities equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, and be exposed to different research directions. I co-advise a few students with Florian Holzapfel and serve on their dissertation committees. I host these students in my lab in UIUC. We work jointly on flight control system design and implementation on various industrial models. This has resulted in several new research projects and has already resulted in two publications, with many more expected.

This was was largely due to to the great group of TUM Family. Isabell Welpe Research Interests organizational behavior, innovation. Isabell Welpe Research Interests Psychological anthropology, relational models theory, social cognition, moral psychology, moral emotions, social motives, violence. Welpe and her research group. The visit was of great value to me, and has fostered a wonderful collaboration. I am grateful for their wonderful hospitality, as well as their guiding me around Munich as we discussed research plans and theory.

I had many interesting discussions about research projects with professors, postdoc and PhD students. Simply a wonderful time. The atmosphere was intellectually stimulating and very welcoming. I met many interesting faculty and students, and began research projects that continue to this day. My stay was definitely productive for my research, with ample support from and Interactions with Professor Martin Grunow and his research group as well as students at the TUM School of Management.

I learned a great deal from the outstanding scholars in the Chair for Strategy and Organization. The faculty and staff were very supportive. I plan to return in the near future and hope for many years of collaboration with people at TUM.

I benefited a lot from sharing research experiences with my colleagues at TUM. Thanks very much for Prof. Sackmann Biophysics at TUM. It was part of my Humboldt Award visit.

What I still remember very vividly are the many discussions and interactions that I had with diploma and PhD students in the group.

The atmosphere was informal and exciting. I learned a lot! Martin Zacharias in the Biophysics Department, leading to a collaborative research publication in an international journal. I still keep excellent contacts with the German scientific community in the field, and excellent memories ofMunich and Garching.

I had a very productive time with access to state of the art equipment and high level researchers that were decisive in first years of my career.

At the same time, I had a nice time with my family with very positive experiences, the highlight was the birth of my youngest son. Detail analysis of obtained and planned results, lectures and seminars contribute to the development of such area, as coherent phenomena at the resonant interaction of gamma-quanta and synchrotron radiation with crystals, Bose-condensation of ultracold atoms, relaxation phenomena in amorphous solids.

Stays at TUM Aug. I had friendly and experienced host as well as a strong research group. Also the city and its neigbourhood are great for living. During this wonderful time I not only learned advanced surface science techniques and theories from professor Menzel and his colleagues, but also, more importantly, their professionalism, seriousness of scientific experiments and dauntless efforts to explore scientific truth.

The encounter with these outstanding characters and indomitable spirit was of benefit to me for my entire life. Stay at TUM Feb. Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award I lived in Garching, people are honest and given nice support over there.

I would like to get a faculty position in Germany at any institutes and would like to collaborate with suitable laboratories other there. I therefore hope to get nice opportunities to come back in the future and to continue my research work in Germany. Stay at TUM Dec. I was pleased to be involved in the forefront of research in TUM. The research initiated then continues and I very much look forward to my visit again.

Weise during these visits. I spent 6 months and it was very productive and excellent. My family and I also loved living in Munich very much. I spent two years with Prof. Ulrich Stimming in Physical Department at TUM to develop new technology for the evaluation of topological and electron-transfer properties of enzymes down to a single molecule level using in situ Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy.

The association with the program in the fields of energy conversion and hydrogen economy is very much profitable for both in future. The right balance between intellectual interactions, culture, history and cosmopolitan life that ultimately leads to noteworthy accomplishments! I not only learned the advancement of science and technology at that time, but also their quintessence. It was my staying at TUM that brought me directly to the scientific frontier.

My experience there was very valuable for my later scientific Career. I also honed my communication skills in German. I offered a PhD level course on design research methodology, organised an international workshop the proceedings of which will be published by Springer as a book, and gave a series of lectures at various fora in TUM. The international office was very helpful in making my stay a memorable one. My interactions with members of his group allowed me to make a significant progress in my research in a very short time of three months.

Overall, my research stay at TUM has been very productive, resulting in one accepted journal publication and another one currently in preparation, as well as leading to continuing collaborations with several members of the group. It was an experience I would gladly repeat.

Witnessing how he interacted with his visitors, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students was a lesson in humility. Professor Friedrich treats all with the same charm and grace. Rainer left a positive impression that will never be forgotten. He truly was the perfect host for me. Both of them were very productive with extensive interactions with students and summer program participants and students The facilities were excellent and a very pleasant work environment.

Günthner Research Interests Materials handling, material flow, logistic. The opportunity to understand many facets of Germany and its academic community was a great benefit.

The events organized by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation were lots of fun and very valuable. That was an invaluable opportunity denied in my earlier life behind the Iron Curtain. I visit the university, and give seminars there regularly since In addition, several TUM students regularly spend around six months at my lab for their degree studies.

Working with all these students is a really enjoyable experience. The staff and students were very welcoming. The environment was very conducive to research. Together with researchers from TUM, India, and France, I was able to advance my research in thermoacoustics and write two papers in this area. Since then I have returned to TUM for a graduate school in thermoacoustics. Stay at TUM Sep. It has played a significant role in forming my research career. So many things such as the friendship with the people there, the knowledge attained there and the unique experience, I treasure.

Markus Lienkamp Research Interests Automotive Product management, automotive marketing, automotive aftermarket. The research environment along with the interaction and scientific discourse were very stimulating, making this a highly productive and inspiring year in terms of research. Moreover, the assistance and support for the development of a new lecture series is greatly appreciated.

In terms of social life, my gratitude goes out to the members, residents and staff of the IBZ academic guest house and faculty club. The organisation of my stay was impeccable and the time spend with Professors Winter and Höhn was unforgettable. The latter is a collaborative effort between TUM, UCLA and Caltech whose chief objective is the development of a complete computational model of the human heart enabling detailed and high-fidelity predictions of cardiac function.

This led to joint research activities wherein several students of TUM partially completed a joint Indo-German seminar on Heat Transfer in in Bangalore and an international conference in in Coimbatore. Stays at TUM Mar. Almost every piece of mathematical research I have done since has been influenced by the geometric theory and mathematical aesthetic I learned in these two visits.

I was able to interact with many people and had the time to work on difficult projects. Stays at TUM Apr.