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Find a language exchange partner who has: I like sports especially soccer!!

Welcome to Capernwray New Zealand

I'm from New Zealand and English is my native language, however, I'm really interested in learning other languages and learning about different cultures. At the moment I'm learning Korean, French, and Spanish. I'm best at French and Spanish as I've been learning them for several years. My Korean isn't that great so I'd love some help! Hi, Just looking to meet fun new people on here.

I can also help you learn English through regular communication. I want to travel places; but you are also welcome to come to the wonderful land of New Zealand- You have a friend here now if you want! Well two if you count my lovely and friendly dog. I like to have fun, love the outdoors, even gardening and cooking. Oh I also have a Black belt in M I was a tutor for foreign students who study Korean in my university about 3 years. Anybody who want to make a korean friend, contact me! I'm a beekeeper here in New Zealand and a apiculture student.

Would love to learn many languages although especially mandarin. I can teach English well. If you would like to chat, add me on Facebook- Ferris. Hi I am interested in helping with English. There are designed to teach, train and equip those that want to learn more about the life that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and how that can be put into practice in work, church, community and mission contexts.

Click here to buy a RATA fundraiser calendar. Bible School Course Availability. Capernwray for me was rehab. The wheels had fallen off and I was walking a very dark path. I had grown up with all the answers, and two parents who chased after Jesus with all that was within them, but I never embraced my faith fully.

Capernwray was a place where I could examine myself, fall flat on my face in worship, and wait on the Lord to do the work in me only He could do. I never understood what it meant to have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.

My life used to be a rollercoaster dragging me to the quenching actions of sin. But then I met Jesus Christ; the man who chose me; who rescued me.

The peace that fills the deepest voids in my heart is indescribable.