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Higbee immediately sailed to Boston , where she was converted to a radar picket destroyer. She helped clear Japanese mine fields and supported the occupation forces for the following seven months, finally returning to San Diego on 11 April The post-war years saw Higbee make two peacetime Western Pacific cruises as well as participate in fleet exercises and tactical training maneuvers during both these cruises and off the West Coast.

Most of her Korean War duty came in screening the Fast Carrier Task Force 77 as their jets launched raids against Communist positions and supply lines. On 15 September she formed part of the shore bombardment and screening group for the amphibious operation at Inchon. Higbee returned to San Diego on 8 February In two subsequent stints in Korea, she continued to screen the carrier task force and carry out shore bombardment of enemy positions.

In order to protect against the possibility of Communist Chinese invasion of Nationalist China , Higbee also participated in patrol of Formosa Straits. Returning to the States on 30 June , she entered the Long Beach Yard for a six-month modernization which saw major structural alterations made, including an enlarged Combat Information Center, new height-finding radar, and an improved anti-aircraft battery. The radar picket destroyer's peacetime duty then fell into a pattern of six-month WestPac cruises alternating with upkeep and training out of San Diego.

Her home port was changed to Yokosuka , Japan , on 21 May From there Higbee continued to cruise in the Pacific and along the China coast to strengthen American force in Asia. After two years duty in Japan, Higbee returned to her new home port, San Francisco , on 4 September On 1 April the destroyer entered the shipyard there for a fleet rehabilitation and modernization FRAM overhaul designed to improve her fighting capabilities and lengthen her life span as an active member of the fleet.

Higbee was redesignated DD on 1 June Ready for action on 3 January , Higbee trained on the West Coast until departing for Japan on 30 June and reached her new homeport, Yokosuka, on 18 July.

The remainder of September was spent in naval gunfire support off South Vietnam. On the return voyage to home port, the ship saw short duty as Station Ship Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, Princess Margaret was piped aboard the ship.

While operating northeast of Luzon in late January , Higbee sighted the Soviet hydrographic ship Gidrifon. Jacques and the mouth of the Saigon River. On 17 June she departed Yokosuka for the West Coast, arrived Long Beach, her new home port, on 2 July and operated out of there into The first half of was spent in the yards at Mare Island for a major refit before returning to the Vietnam theater.

The 5-inch gun crew had been outside their turret, due to a misfire within the mount, when the air attack occurred, which resulted in the wounding of four US sailors. Although there were no official aircraft losses reported by either side during the aerial attack, witnesses aboard accompanying USN vessel's deploying defensive measures, claimed one of the attacking MiGs with a hit by a surface-to-air missile fired from the cruiser USS Sterett.

Higbee' s first peacetime duty was as a member of Destroyer Squadron 27 homeported in Long Beach, California. Higbee earned one battle star for her service in World War II and seven battle stars for her service in the Korean War. The entries can be found here and here. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pieces of the virtually disintegrated MiG fell into the sea in view of the eyewitnesses Commander Destroyer Squadron Nine staff. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. During her second line period of the deployment, Sterett participated in the downing of two more MiG's 30 March and brought down another with a salvo of RIM-2 Terrier missiles during the Dong Hoi engagement on 19 April.

Later on that day, she launched a second salvo of Terriers at an unidentified target, probably a Styx surface-to-surface missile, destroying it in midair. Greene Gyatt Kenneth D. Meet DXC executives who are guiding and executing our vision and strategy. Connect with our experts to see how we can help you transform your business with next-gen technology and business solutions.

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