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The Standard & Poor's , often abbreviated as the S&P , or just the S&P, is an American stock market index based on the market capitalizations of large companies having common stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

Friday's rally was strong, and although NFP euphoria fades, the Powell 'patient' remark and the resumption of China talks are very positive. An A-B-C rally takes us to the. Currently, we have Index Rally and Key Resistance to observe, while there is Mean Support and Key Support level established on the downside to be revisited in near-term. See tab for full Market Commentary - Jan 5. SPX Weekly Analysis since Wave 4 almost finished.

Possible long term scenario for the SPX. OTAR hurricane warning indicator. May be the last chance of the big short. Standard and Poor's Index is a capitalization-weighted index of stocks.

It may therefore take some time before it appears on our website. Kevin Collier Jan 04, This comment has already been saved in your Saved Items. Up, Up and Away Today!! Looi Mar Jan 01, 3: William Corder Dec 27, 3: Vince Powell Dec 27, 3: You would need monetary easing to achieve this. Vince Powell Dec 24, Vince Powell Dec 24, 4: If you don't know the consequences of such a dramatic move, we think it is time for you to find out. Crude Oil is going higher from here.

Crude Oil is going higher:: We are buying it in tons. Oil is going to go higher from here. Good leaders, CEOs, managers are key to maintain and to achieve success. Forex pips Dec 20, 4: Is gold and FTSE moving the same currently? It kind of seems but want a second opinion. The Federal Reserve has categorically indicated and has confirmed that the interest rate hike cycle is only 2 more and done.

FTSE is extremely oversold. Still not done though it has to touch So Im guessing this is just a reversal soon to go down again. Vince Powell Dec 18, 4: Raggedy Flappin Dec 17, 9: Vince Powell Dec 17, 8: Sir Pajeet Dec 06, 9: It is one of the most commonly followed equity indices, and many consider it one of the best representations of the U. Blitzer has overall responsibility for index security selection. Three years later in , the Composite Index expanded to 90 stocks and then in it expanded to its current Technology has allowed the index to be calculated and disseminated in real time.

In September , Ultronic Systems Corp. On August 12, , the index closed at The following describes the ups and downs of the period year to date. On March 24, , the index reached an intraday high of By October 10, , the index had fallen to Although the index achieved a new all-time intraday high on October 11, , at 1, Less than a month later, it dropped to 1,, and would not see similar levels again for five years.

In mid, the subprime mortgage crisis spread to the wider U. The resulting situation became acute in September , ushering in a period of unusual market volatility , encompassing record point swings in both directions and reaching the highest levels since The index reached a nearly year low, closing at The entire drop from high in Oct to low in Mar was On April 29, , the index closed at On March 28, , it closed above the closing high from This would be the first of three point milestones in On February 17, , the index first closed above 2,, closing at 2, On February 25, it reached 2, At the end of , the index closed at 2, A period of over a year with no new record highs ended on July 11, closing at 2, This is similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average , but different from others such as the Russell , which are strictly rule-based.

When considering the eligibility of a new addition, the committee assesses the company's merit using eight primary criteria: For example, in order to be added to the index, a company must satisfy the following liquidity-based size requirements: