Author of MIT climate study says Trump got it wrong

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If we don't take the step than we aren't prepared to take the next step. What does Trump believe about climate change? His aides won't say, and you can't ask him. Scientists also note that while a small change in temperature doesn't seem like much, it could be the difference of survival for small island nations, like the Maldives. Reilly said people at MIT have yet to have any contact with the White House over their use of the study -- and don't plan on reaching out.

He also said there were "other studies published at the time" that found the same thing. Do this before your next mortgage payment it's genius! If you're current or former military, you'd better read this. How to access your home's equity. Crush your mortgage interest with a 15 yr fixed. CompareCards Rewards 7 cards that generate serious amounts of cash back. The leaking petroleum was also sprayed all over probably by steam that leaked after the collision and from the steam pipes of the locomotive.

There was an explosion. The subsequent fire also destroyed the main railway station and several outbuildings around Langenweddingen.

Firemen from Magdeburg arrived at As early as However, heat caused by the fire, with temperatures of as much as 1, degrees Celsius, stopped the rescue workers from reaching the victims trapped in the train. The wagons could only be entered with protective clothing. The truck driver died of his injuries. The locomotive crew were also injured, but survived. The number of deaths reported by the authorities was 94, including 44 schoolchildren who were at the beginning of their holidays on their way from Magdeburg to a summer camp in the Harz Mountains.

Some of those involved with the rescue operation questioned the official numbers of deaths and estimated the number of victims as being as much as Among the listed victims was teacher Werner Moritz, director of a Polytechnic Secondary School in Rogätz near Magdeburg, who saved the lives of twelve pupils, but was severely burned doing so, and died later in hospital.

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