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Netflix Aktie Renditedreieck

A postal service is building electric cars. An online retailer is developing drones. Smartphones are making payments. The digital world is enabling new combinations and permutations of business that would never have been possible, or even thought of, before.

Even five years ago, no one would have envisaged that a postal service like Deutsche Post DHL would be designing and building its own cars and drones to use in its delivery services. The idea that Africa could lead technology and usage for payments using a mobile phone would have been thought unlikely.

The basic rule of this new world is simple: There is no way to avoid this natural law in modern digital societies. Any traditional company, regardless of its focus, must deal with two major threats. The first is a loss of competitiveness to any competitor that masters the transformation to the digital enterprise in its industry sector and gain huge costs and efficiency advantages.

The second is that competitors will provide a digital customer experience that attracts customers to change the new player. In the case of Deutsche Post DHL, the organization will use its self-built electric cars and drones to improve logistics, lower energy costs, and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

But it is also good news that a large and established organization can master the challenge of reinventing itself as a digital enterprise. The first step in doing so is the beginning of the transformation journey — to paraphrase a Chinese proverb.

As a result of this transformation process, industry lines are being redrawn. This is also changing the competitive landscape in three fundamental ways: To cite one prominent example, Apple has reshaped the music and mobile phone industry.

Netflix has similarly reconfigured the video and TV markets. Meanwhile, Samsung and LG, better known for their TVs and mobile phones, are challenging traditional appliance providers such as Whirlpool and Electrolux.

New start-ups — the digital babies — that take advantage of technological changes are emerging as another form of competition in every sector. For example, GPS devices from Garmin and other manufacturers are experiencing competition from mobile navigation apps on smartphones, live traffic reports and other enhancements offered through auto companies.

Technology is also allowing many incumbent enterprises to redefine themselves. Zählt Netflix zu den langfristig sichersten und erfolgreichsten Aktien der Welt? Dies berichtete die "Financial Times" Die Aktienfavoriten für Elektronik, Hard- und Software Land: Netflix Aktie News und Analysen. ZDF legt zu und behauptet Platz eins. Junge Leute wollen kein lineares TV mehr. Hochsaison für Kinobetreiber - Branche leidet unter Besucherrückgang. Konzern verteidigt Datenzugang für Firmen. Neuer Skandal bei Facebook: Facebook verteidigt Datenzugang für Microsoft, Netflix und Co.

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