Section 10A of Income-Tax Act, 1961

Cal Royal - Hinge(s) BB NRP 4 1/2

I have used it myself successfully.

by Vanessa McGuire

(US10A) Geography. The student understands the effects of migration and immigration on American society. The student will be able to analyze the effects of changing demographic patterns resulting from migration within the United States.

The student communicates in written, oral, and visual forms. The student will be able to interpret and create visuals including graphs, charts, time lines, and maps. Objectives Contrast the cultures of Native Americans and white settlers and explain why white settlers moved west. Resources Songs used in lesson: Voices Across Time , 5. The American Indians Discussion questions: What were the characteristics of the Plains Indians culture? How did the culture of white settlers differ from that of the Plains Indians?

Why did settlers continue to push westward? What clues do you find in the lyrics that indicate that this song is about gold mining? What expectations does the singer have abound finding gold in California? How does the tune of this song make you feel? What precious minerals drew miners to the west during the s?

What are boomtowns and where were they located? Give at least four examples. What problems did prospectors face in underground mines? Why or why not? What strikes you most about this song? What musical phrase is especially memorable? What makes it so memorable: How often does it or a similar phrase occur? Describe the life of a cowboy based on the verses of this song.

How was the mood of the song you sang different from the recording? What instruments did you hear? What emotions does the song express? What did the writer try to convey in this song?

How did the transcontinental railroad open up the west for settlers? How did the federal government encourage western settlement? What new technology helped the homesteaders farm the prairie? What do you think the song is about? How does the song illustrate the life of a railroad man? Why was this song easy to parody? Have students break into groups and create a new version and then share with the class.

How did the US government encourage the railroad companies to build rails across the country? What two railroad companies built the transcontinental railroad and where did they meet? What were the working conditions of the railroad builders?

What role did the railroad serve in settling the west? Why did the railroad also play a role in ending the long cattle drive? In the United States there are two finish code systems: The most notable exceptions to this rule are US32, polished stainless steel, and US32D, satin stainless steel. The corresponding BHMA finish codes would be for polished stainless and for satin. BHMA finish codes are different for different base metals. Base metal can be important when choosing hinges for interior vs.

Hinges in finish are much less expensive than those in finish, and it is absolutely fine to use them in dry interior environments.

If you can see your reflection clearly in your doorknob or kick plate, for example, it is safe to say that it is a polished finish. I have included a raw photograph of a polished finish in the lower right hand corner of the photo below. The opposite of a polished finish is a satin finish. You cannot see your reflection in a piece of hardware with a satin finish without quite a bit of imagination. Notice there are several finishes that might be described as slightly luminous shades of gray.

Right here is where the most trouble is with finishes. There are subtle differences between them. To the untrained or uncaring eye these four finishes may appear exactly the same, but all it takes is the installation of an antique nickel lever on a door right next to another door that has a satin nickel lever on it to earn somebody an expensive paperweight.

This is because it has a mirror-like finish that reflects back all the colors that are in the room. Yet actually most finishes have a degree of reflectivity that will show up in photos. All in all it is a lot easier to identify the finish yourself on the job while looking at finish samples than to send a photo of the item to, for example, your hardware dealer for identification.

Most established door hardware manufacturers have brochures that accurate depict an assortment of finishes.