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A number of staff members on one of Goldman Sachs' trading floors showed signs of mumps this week. The Wall Street investment bank has been telling staff to get shots or visit the firm's health.

Some trading rooms may now have as many financial engineers as traders. Whether as an actor or as a simple witness, the trading room is the place that experiences any failure serious enough to put the company's existence at stake.


A number of staff members on one of Goldman Sachs' trading floors showed signs of mumps this week. The Wall Street investment bank has been telling staff to get shots or visit the firm's health.

Huge steel beams both support the structure and help distribute power. Plastic curtains hang in a network room inside our Council Bluffs data center. Here we serve up cold air through the floor, and the clear plastic barriers help keep the cold air in while keeping hot air out.

These colorful pipes are responsible for carrying water in and out of our Oregon data center. The blue pipes supply cold water and the red pipes return the warm water back to be cooled. Our pipes aren't the only colorful things at our data centers.

These cables are organized by their specific hue. On the floor, this can make things less technical: As part of our commitment to keeping our users' data safe, we destroy all failed drives, on site. Insulated pipes like these have a U-bend called this due to their shape so they can expand and contract as the fluid temperature inside the pipe changes. Thousands of feet of pipe line the inside of our data centers. We paint them bright colors not only because it's fun, but also to designate which one is which.

The bright pink pipe in this photo transfers water from the row of chillers the green units on the left to a outside cooling tower. These colorful pipes send and receive water for cooling our facility.

Also pictured is a G-Bike, the vehicle of choice for team members to get around outside our data centers. Blue LEDs on this row of servers tell us everything is running smoothly. We use LEDs because they are energy efficient, long lasting and bright. An overhead view of one of our cooling plants, where seawater from the Gulf of Finland entirely cools the data center there. Server floors like these require massive space and efficient power to run the full family of Google products for the world.

Here in Hamina, Finland, we chose to renovate an old paper mill to take advantage of the building's infrastructure as well as its proximity to the Gulf of Finland's cooling waters. These colorful pipes carry water. The idea behind this is simple: This water still needs to be processed, but treatment for data center use is much easier than cleaning it for drinking. These ethernet switches connect our facilities network. Thanks to them, we are able to communicate with and monitor our main controls for the cooling system in our data center.

In case anything should happen to our data, we have it all backed up. One of the places we back up information is here in our tape library. Robotic arms visible at the end of the aisle assist us in loading and unloading tapes when we need to access them. Storage tanks like these can hold up to , gallons , liters of water at any given time. This insulated tank holds water that we'll send to the heart of the data center for cooling.

Each of our server racks has four switches, connected by a different colored cable. We keep these colors the same throughout our data center so we know which one to replace in case of failure. A rare look behind the server aisle.

Here hundreds of fans funnel hot air from the server racks into a cooling unit to be recirculated. The green lights are the server status LEDs reflecting from the front of our servers. Tieg Weathers Data Center Operations. Tieg Weathers cuts a piece of pipe to patch into a new cooling system. Denise Harwood Hardware Operations. Mike Barham Hardware Operations.

Mike Barham swaps out a motherboard. When server parts break, we first try to repair them. If we can't, we break them up into raw materials steel, plastic, copper, etc. Learn more Learn more. Patrick Davillier Data Center Operations. Norman Martin Data Center Operations. Norman Martin makes visual inspections to ensure battery banks are charged and ready to be activated at any time.

Ash Williams Data Center Operations. Ash Williams points out: Jeff Hajer Associate Facilities Manager. Rachel Mitchell Hardware Operations. Rachel Mitchell preps a cart to repair the servers that store Google's corner of the Internet. Jon Rogers applies a floor-tile-grabber actual name to the floor to check the status of pipes underneath. Mitch Fleming tightens a valve coupling to ensure we keep seawater from the Gulf of Finland in the appropriate cooling pipes. Neal Menkus Hardware Operations.

Neal uses special equipment to completely erase all of the data on old servers. Justin Hobbs Data Center Operations. Roger Harris Hardware Operations. This massive antenna receives signals for our Access Services unit which brings fiber optics to residential homes all over the globe. This family of deer have moved in next to our Council Bluffs, Iowa center.

Wildflowers bloom around cooling towers at our Iowa data center. Steam rises above the cooling towers in The Dalles data center in Oregon. These plumes of water vapor create a quiet mist at dusk. Plumes of steam rise above our cooling towers. When you can see the water vapor — meaning humidity and temperatures are low — our cooling towers are at their most efficient. Dusk settles around our data center in Douglas County, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. A cool spring night falls on our Lenoir, North Carolina data center.

From this beautiful location, we're able to provide our services — in the middle of the night — to the entire world. Hamina is one of three data centers we maintain in Europe. Previously it was the home of the Stora Enso paper mill. Another view of our Hamina location, taken while standing on the frozen Gulf of Finland. At our data center in Finland, we converted an old paper mill and used its infrastructure. The tanks in this picture were previously used in the paper making process.

Different data centers offer different amenities. This conference room, inside our Hamina location, is just outside a sauna area which is available for employees whenever they like. Our Hamina team enjoys ice fishing in the frozen Gulf of Finland. Dawn lights up the sky over our data center in Berkeley County, South Carolina. This pond is now the home of several alligators. A peaceful scene outside our data center in Berkeley County, South Carolina. We're currently experimenting with this rainwater retention pond as another source to cool our systems.

A sunset highlights the beautiful landscape surrounding our Pryor, Oklahoma data center. Satellite arrays like these are the primary signal source for hundreds of Google Fiber's national TV channels.

Water storage tanks make sure our data centers stay cool day or night. In case anything should happen to our data, we have it all backed up here in our tape library. In an unoccupied area, motion-sensors automatically switch off the main lighting to save power.

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Roy Blunt Eric Cantor. All the essentials are here, from microwave sandwiches and Huggies to kerosene lamps, enamel pots, fresh mutton, and washboards.

Neighbors drop by to pick up their mail or cash a check. They may bring pinon nuts, wool, handmade weaving tools, or rugs and other arts to sell or trade. A few locally made pots, mud toys, wedding baskets, and miniature looms are usually on hand. Some whimsical one-of-a-kind items appear, such as the recent model hogan and sandpainted skull. Other early trading posts that gave their names to regional Navajo rug styles have disappeared or moved to the highway.

The extraordinary popularity of the Two Grey Hills blankets, rugs, and tapestries has kept this store alive for over years. Although surrounded by evidence of Anasazi settlement years ago, archaeologists and anthropologists have passed on through. Since the early s the weavers in the Two Grey Hills region, with the guidance of the traders, have produced rugs that are recognized everywhere as the pinnacle of the art.

Artists here have challenged each other to spin the tightest yarns and to create the most intricate designs on their looms.

Their trademark colors are the natural colors of the local sheep; grays and browns, white and black. While handspinning is almost extinct in other parts of the reservation, about half of the weavers here still handcard their wool and spin it on the traditional spindle. The Two Grey Hills trader pays a premium for rugs made of handspun wool and stamps the back of the tag. He refuses to stock the commercial yarn that is popular at other trading posts. Instead he continues to sell hand carders and scissors-like clippers for sheep shearing.

Weavers all over the reservation, and off, now copy the Two Grey Hills style rug, but usually substitute mill-spun yarn that is commercially dyed to resemble the natural sheep colors. The brown sheep are particularly rare and their colors cannot be achieved with synthetic dye. The subtle shades of local wool fleece, along with the excellent spinning and weaving skills developed here, make the true Two Grey Hills rug impossible to duplicate. Weavers who bring their rugs to the trading post are paid a generous price for their work.

The rugs are then offered for sale at prices considerably below those charged in shops and galleries. They are not shipped to wholesalers or to a showroom in town. There are no cryptic codes or perpetual sales. One low price applies to both collector and dealer every day of the year.