LSEG and Deutsche Börse merger update; Rolet to step aside

As a validation of its maturing business model and strengthened corporate governance, Jackpotjoy plc (JPJ) has announced a proposed transfer of its entire share capital from a Standard to a Premium Listing on the Official List of the FCA.

Worldwide Europe European Union U. With open access enshrined in European Securities law, the Board considers that the value creating opportunities of the combination stand as a testament to his achievement at LSEG. The Boards also believe that the Combined Group would offer the potential for significant customer benefits. This note is intended as a general guide to assist a company the ' Company ' which may be considering an IPO on the main market of the London Stock Exchange the ' Exchange ' , to identify what steps should be taken towards achieving that aim.

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13/04/ · Premium listing A company with an anticipated market capitalisation of £m or more is likely to be looking at obtaining a premium listing or possibly a standard listing rather than an AIM listing assuming London is its first choice listing location.

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