Virtualized Security Services

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Trust software-defined security to fill critical gaps in your datacenter or cloud

Addressing security and compliance issues is considered the biggest obstacle to making applications and services cloud-ready. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated. Multi-site cloud networks, especially those hosted by public providers, are becoming more complex. Security policy automation has been nearly impossible until now.

To bring applications and services into the cloud, you need a security approach designed to handle:. Nuage Networks VSS is the first distributed, end-to-end cloud, DC, branch solution for network security, visibility and security automation. Built on our proven SDN platform, VSS lets you automate IT tasks for security policy protection and remediation to support an on-demand cloud environment.

VSS is part of our open platform, which supports a large ecosystem of security, networking and monitoring solutions. Traditional network security solutions deliver security within a particular enterprise network, either at the network perimeter or within the cloud or datacenter.

VSS works across heterogeneous workload types, including virtual machines VMs , containers and bare-metal servers, as well as any existing IP underlay network across hardware platforms.

VSS includes an embedded Layer 2 to Layer 4 stateful distributed firewall. This firewall helps you enforce security policies and steer traffic to advanced security devices such as next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems IPS and anti-virus solutions. Is story-telling your gift to the world? Are you looking for a full-time position that allows you the opportunity to create multiple videos every month while pushing your creative limits?

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